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Tulane Supplement Essay Requirements

Tulane University 2020 Application Question Explanations

This intro will be brief since Tulane keeps it simple with the classic supplemental questions. The demand for perfection is a straightforward supplement. So, there is no need to overlook the quickie questions. Just read on this guide!

Main Questions

Please describe why you are interested in attending Tulane University (optional) (50-800 words).

Is it possible to talk about such a word limit? Do not start at the parenthetical “optional.” In other words, Tulane says “Do whatever you want.” However, there are some of our suggestions. First of all, such a paper is not optional, even if it seems like this. A classic why paper seems to be a time-honored supplement essay tradition. Your answer might add a lot to your admissions about your overall commitment to your school and your potential fit. If you do not write it, it will mean you do not have a single reason to apply. so why do you want to waste someone’s time? Get to know the school, spending some time at Tulane’s website. To build a list of reasons, explore all areas of academic and social life. Even if you can write 800 words technically, note that all the admissions are time-limited. When you spend your time writing, you have lesser time to reread the text. It is better to target writing at 300 words.

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. (250 words) 

With such a classic activity paper, you will get the possibility to expand the short description for a single activity that is listed in your Common Application. Pick up the one that you have not already discussed. For instance, if you wrote about the power of dance, choose something else for inspiration! As soon as you weigh the options, keep in mind to highlight a long-term activity. Present your personal growth, tracing your 4-year involvement in meditation club. Discuss your professional experience when you have not added your extracurriculars to your resume. For instance, you may write about interning at a museum or flipping burgers, whatever. The reader will know about potential career aspirations and your value of time. To get more inspiration, you are to check out the video upon writing about the work experience or an internship.

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