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All About A Synthesis Essay With A Wide Range Of Topic Ideas To Choose


A synthesis essay is an assignment that merges the thoughts from distinct sources about an issue and creates a theory, an assertion, or affirmation based on this combination. This challenging work extends the summarizing process, generating the link between facts and developing new suppositions. It also supposes using the creative skills to seek an optional way to provide a brainstorm idea. 

A Synthesis Essay: Definition, Purpose, Types, Crucial Parts

The purposes of a synthesis essay are:

  • observation of the existing theories and studies;
  • documents research and work with sources;
  • estimating the contradictory views;
  • creating a plan based on proven facts.

A synthesis essay includes several categories depending on the essay type:

  • argumentative represents the information from the sources and the point of view of the writer;
  • review: basing on the previous discussion, it analyzes the source critically, indicating the knowledge gaps to be filled further (often used for medical and social academic papers);
  • explanatory: illuminates information from the sources using classifications (often used for business papers).

The structure of a synthesis essay remains similar to other academic assignments:

Introduction part with:

  • a hook to interest your audience;
  • subject and theme review;
  • a thesis statement.

Body chapters with:

  • the link sentence that connects the chapter with the thesis;
  • idea or view representing;
  • providing the supporting facts and examples;
  • finalizing the chapter with a smooth transition to the next paragraph.

Conclusion with:

  • stating the importance and relevance of the current paper;
  • a brief observing the most crucial findings;
  • discussing the perspectives of further research.

Depending on the essay type, its structure may differ. For example, the paperwork does not need a strong thesis statement if it observes the process at the beginning. Developing a synthesis essay as a compound of larger projects does not require a thesis as well. These are mostly the works of medicine and social science that are based on the previous discussions. These works focus on the sources, their similarities, and differences, revealing certain aspects and estimating the finding.

Some synthesis essays suppose a hefty volume of research and may include up to nine-ten paragraphs. However, it is rather informative paperwork that may represent the opinion of an author.

A synthesis essay is a part of the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition test (or AP Lang shortly). Hence, if you are plan to pass the AP Lang test and earn full points, you should master your synthesis writing skills.

The Example of a Synthesis

For a better understanding of what means «synthesis,» look at the example below.

The imbalance of employment in the world has influenced rapid changes in society during recent years. Many people change their career path obtaining new professions while a high percentage of the labor force remains unemployed. For this reason, the number of insurance coverage applications from unemployed citizens has rapidly increased. This fact supposes sizable economic expenses for the government.

Henry S. Farber’s and Robert Valetta’s work confirms the increase of the unemployed, comparing today with the later XXth century. The insurance has supported citizens helping to save the funds until the job is available. That means that governmental support is an efficient economic tool that can maintain a decent living standard while private insurance programs can not provide the same effect. Regardless of the insurance coverage program benefits, in my opinion, it may lead to an increase in the level of unemployment in a long-term perspective.

The governmental support surpasses the immediacy to seek new ways of earning. The financial expenses for the insurance will sharpen the unemployment situation. Most people will decrease their subsistence needs expecting the benefit from the state supporting program. With a high degree of probability, they suspend the job-seeking process for the period during which the unemployed will receive government financial support. 

Hence, the unemployment rates will be increasing, reducing the state budget in turn. Implementing a strictly determined period for compensation can not improve the situation either. During the time of surviving for governmental funds, a person loses professional skills. That leads to cancellation while proceeding with the new job applications after the financial program expiration period.  

Thereby, the advantages of the state financial program are evident. However, when the compensation program is active for an extended period, it blocks the ambitions to care for their income personally. In my opinion, financial support should include food supplies only and identify the groups of people who require financial help.

Basing on the facts, the author has provided a detailed observation of the problem, expressed private opinion, and suggested a way out. 

A Synthesis Essay Introduction: Its Types, and Writing Suggestions

A student has only one chance to catch the attention of the readers. That is writing an outstanding introduction. There are several ways to represent your topic in a synthesis essay. You can choose one method from the listed below:

  1. An illustrated example. A detailed summary or a quote from the source strictly related to the theme can be a good beginning. If you find several appropriate samples, you can add them as well. However, avoid exceeding the limit of examples because they will shade your way of thinking.  
  2. Opposition. A contradicting argument is a successful method that outlines the weakness of the first one. Being able to operate with the facts and illuminate a stronger position with the following evidence shows awareness and professionalism.
  3. Compromise. Having a similar structure to the opposition technique proves that the argument is reasonable. This approach is appropriate if the audience holds the opposite view.
  4. Comparative characteristic. Representing the similarities and differences between several viewpoints is an efficient approach that requires the comprehensive study of all of them. Listing the sources with their comparison is a specific style that should give a rhythm to the entire essay.

Many students puzzle over days on end, choosing the best way to introduce a synthesis essay. Choose the best approach by simply answering yourself: what would attract you to your paper if you were a reader? 

It is reasonable to write the introduction part when the entire work is ready (because you will know what to introduce). Catching the attention of the readers is essential. Follow this scheme of work while writing your introduction part:

  1. Collect all information that you plan to add into the introduction part. These can be supporting or contradictory to the main argument. However, all data should be relevant to the theme of the discussion. If you can consider the problem from all sides, that would be the best result.
  2. Start from the most meaningful sentence even if you chose the compromising way of the introduction representing. The citing from credible sources would be appropriate.
  3. Explain the reason for what this topic has deserved attention. Outline the most significant parts of your essay, including the research methods and the used materials.
  4. Support the claims in the introduction by published editions, either it is a primary or secondary source. Add various authors for the references without focusing on one point of view only.
  5. Disclose the thesis statement idea and add a few supporting arguments. Orient the readers on what they should expect from your paperwork.

Hence, the introduction part requires close attention. It should sound interesting while introducing the topic to the audience, representing your main argument, and observing the research materials. Devote  enough time to the writing process as soon as you determine the theme.

Synthesis Topics Examples

If nothing rises up to head, use the list below to choose one of these topics for a synthesis essay. Consider the following subject groups:

Social networks:

  • How social networks impact real communication?
  • Do social networks settle new beauty standards?
  • Do Internet chat sites change the way of thinking in children?
  • Safety and privateness on the Internet;
  • Does Youtube promote sales?
  • Modern dating via social networks;
  • leisure activities on the Internet and emotional satisfaction;
  • cyberbullying and its impact on the life of Internet users;
  • dangerous communities in the social networks;
  • changes in the carrier of a journalist using social media.


  • Can students manage their studying process independently?
  • How does the number of pupils in a group affect the studying performance?
  • the advantages of computer technologies in studying;
  • dress code at studying establishments;
  • how to make education affordable?
  • Should sports achievements be paid at colleges and universities?
  • Distance and online educations;
  • racism and its role in the university admission process.

Technological progress:

  • Are video games dangerous for personality development?
  • Benefits of remote works in the COVID pandemic period;
  • the appliance of drones in modern life;
  • how the expensive devices outline the level of wealthiness;
  • sport performance VS games activities;
  • iPhone fashion and its influence on society;
  • the advantages of technical progress for people;
  • Are the Internet studying and working towards our future?

Social science:

  • the necessity of high education for employment;
  • should tobacco products be legally banned?
  • Violent content in mass media;
  • gender equality problem;
  • ways to decrease global poverty;
  • does sexual education at school prevents the number of abortions?
  • Saving money as a way to become rich;
  • media and government control;
  • cheating at schools.

Medicine and healthcare:

  • cannabis legalization;
  • insurance programs for plastic surgery;
  • criminal responsibility for medical mistakes;
  • free healthcare for poor people;
  • promoting and advertising of the pharmaceutical trademarks;
  • euthanasia legalization;
  • isolation of people with a mental disorder during the treatment period;
  • the necessity of vaccination;
  • banning the advertisements that promote unhealthy habits;
  • fast food and government policies;
  • Does sports performance worsen health?


  • should the governmental system provide a medical treatment program for criminals?
  • The ways of stopping the mass shooting;
  • overpopulated prisons: way outs;
  • the reason for increasing criminal cases done by poor people;
  • prostitution legalization: pros and cons;
  • black race people on the governmental positions;
  • riots and their causes;
  • should bullying be criminally liable?


  • the reasons for illegal immigration;
  • should the immigration rules remain strict?
  • The victims of illegal immigration;
  • the connection between immigration and terrorism;
  • how the immigration processes affect the politics inside of the country;
  • the advantages of immigration for the host country;
  • immigration legislation changes within two centuries;
  • the causes of professional immigration;
  • the impact of the world economic crisis on the immigration processes;
  • has immigration during the COVID pandemic decreased?
  • The border control rules in different countries;
  • how the immigration views have changed after September 11, 2001.

Moral views:

  • the countries with the highest rates of happiness in citizens;
  • intelligence VS physical work;
  • should eating wild animals be punished?
  • Are the medical workers have the right to test drugs on animals?
  • Do the criminals have a right to vote?
  • Can people control their future?
  • Is cloning a breakthrough or genetic disaster?
  • Are people kind or envious by nature?
  • Is using fur appropriate?

Choosing a topic for your synthesis essay, remember that it should be intriguing and debatable. Craft the ideas more specifically towards your question avoiding general themes. A well-written synthesis essay should not leave the readers indifferent, hence rely on your taste and knowledge. Being an expert in the field, or at least familiar with it, is a guarantee of your essay approval.


What is a synthesis topic?

A synthesis essay is an assignment that merges the thoughts from distinct sources about an issue and creates a theory, an assertion, or affirmation based on this combination.

What should a synthesis essay have?

It should include the observation of the topic and its deep research. Also it should include different views on the topic and proven facts as evidence.

What is an example of a synthesis?

Example of a synthesis is a part of the whole synthesis essay that represents its structure and writing approach.

How do you write an introduction for a synthesis essay?

An introduction for a synthesis essay may be written with one of the following methods: illustrated example, contradicting argument, compromise and comparative characteristic. 

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