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Social Media Essay Writing Guide And Topics


Social Media Essay Writing Guide And Topics

Social Media allows us to meet new friends and to stay connected with our relatives from another part of the world. However, it can make us feel lonely, watching group mates staring at the screen of their smartphones during a break. Social Media gives a great field for developing business. However, it grows thousands of competitors and dictates new rules that are not always easy to follow, working fairly and transparently.

Deciding whether the impact of social media is a blessing or a curse is a big question. This innovative phenomenon has different sides and aspects that make it impossible to have a strict and clear attitude towards it. However, social media is always a trending topic for discussion and students’ essays as well.

What Is a Social Media Essay

Chatting about all the unique pros given by social media is a popular topic for everyone, including scholars. If you are asked to create a proper social media essay, you are supposed to express your grounded attitude towards the social media itself or some of its important aspects.

This type of essay is very reflective. While you need to hold detailed research to write it, you can also partly rely on your personal experience and feelings. There are many possible topics for an intriguing social media essay. The chosen topic may be connected to technology development, religion, business, psychology, education, etc. As social media is very influential in many spheres of life, you can easily connect the essay to your professional field or life values.

The main aim of such an essay is to describe the role of social media in today’s world. You shall write about the changes it brings and expresses your ideas about it.

Social Media Essay Topics

Choosing a proper topic is the first step you can make towards your excellent mark. It’s important to write about things that are interesting for you and can attract your readers.

  • What is social media addiction? How it can be prevented.
  • Shall social media be banned for kids?
  • Why can social media be dangerous to students?
  • What is the proper age for being a social media site user?
  • How social media can help to prevent psychological issues.
  • Can online friends replace real-life communication?
  • Why do people share fake information on social sites?
  • How social sites can stimulate the development of psychological issues.
  • How social media involves people in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Effects of social media on educational development.
  • What are the most significant changes in social media in the last 15 years?
  • How social media stimulates the development of technologies?
  • Why social media is so popular nowadays?
  • How the media changed the social interaction of internet users?
  • How a ban on social media could make our lives worse?
  • Is social media a good tool for headhunters?
  • How social media can help us to decide the ecology problems?
  • Social media is destroying the self-esteem of women with photoshopped selfies and videos.
  • Effect of social media on the policy.
  • Social media gives space for self-realization and creativity.
  • Why are we so dependent on likes?
  • Social media trends: how social media reflects the current mood of society.
  • Which important function would you add to social media?
  • Social media negatively impacts personal life.
  • Is there a connection between health issues and social media?
  • Which social site is the best for me and why?
  • Social wars: how social media stimulates aggression online.
  • How social media can help in reducing the level of crime?
  • Shall social media be used for charity?
  • When the use of social media shall be restricted?
  • Which system can be integrated to protect the data of internet users better when they use social sites?
  • How people use social media for personal development and education?

Writing Tips

Writing tips can help to make your media essay interesting and informative. Read the recommendations below and choose which are the best for your topic.

Add some statistics

The speed of social technology development is simply impressive. Show it with some statistics. Try to use understandable comparisons to show which place social media takes in our lives and how much time we spend putting likes to photos of friends and celebrities.

Share your personal experience

 If you are an active user of social sites (what is so likely for a student) you may have lots of stories connected to social media. Sharing your personal information may make your essay more interesting and personalized.

Make your own experiment

If you have your social account and some hundreds of friends following you, you can hold your experiment. Make a survey or check the reaction of your followers to different types of content. Social media is a unique place to get quick feedback that can be useful for your media research.

Write examples

Social media is a popular topic, that’s why you can easily find some illustrative examples for each of your statements. Describe your ideas in a simple and understandable language and mention popular cases that can give a better understanding of what you write about.

Be creative

Social media is all about being creative and thinking out of a box. This type of essay allows you to be out of the beaten line. Make your research and show your readers what would Marilyn Monroe post if she had an Instagram account. There are plenty of topics that you can choose, starting from common pros of a social site using and ending up with describing Facebook in a parallel universe.

Pay attention to the date of articles you use for research

Social media is the fastest developing phenomenon of modern life. That’s why if you want your essay sound up-to-date, use the fresh information only. Those articles that were written two or three years ago can be nice when you write about other social issues, however, they are hopelessly outdated for social media topics. Try to find actual data or make your research in real-life mode.

Social Media Essay Example

Read some samples of social media essays before crafting your own. It will help you to come up with some creative ideas to make your writing more interesting and creative.

Positives and Negatives of Using Social Media For Teenagers

Introduction: More than two-thirds of teenagers age 13-18 are active members of numerous social media sites. Young people have quick and easy access to any sort of information and lots of opportunities for communication, education, and development. While some parents and teachers are happy about this, others believe that social media shall be banned or strictly limited for anyone younger than 18 years old. So, what is social media? How can it influence the moral values of teenagers? Is it good or bad for young teens?

Negative Effect of Social Media

Social media is not as safe as many people may think. Spending too much time holding a smartphone or sitting in front of a laptop may lead to hypodynamia and emotional exhaustion. Moreover, the negative effects of social sites can be harmful to social skills and the ability to interact with others.

Most common health problems caused by social media addiction:

  • bone problems;
  • weak muscles;
  • overweight;
  • eye disorder;
  • headaches.

Common social problems that can appear:

  • problems with study;
  • poor communication skills;
  • absence of desire to have real-life friends;
  • wrong expectations for real-life human interaction;
  • complexes and inflated requirements.

Positive Impact of Social Networks

Social media is often associated with some problems that are common for teenagers. Nevertheless, it can also bring lots of benefits.

What are the most important opportunities social media gives to teenagers:

  • communication with friends;
  • getting support online;
  • self-education and personal development;
  • correct social examples (sportsmen, popular scientists, social activists, etc.);
  • a better understanding of modern trends and problems;
  • space for creativity and self-expression.

Social media can help to fight some communicative problems and often allows teenagers to feel like a part of a like-minded group. It’s especially important for teenagers with rare talents and interests.

Conclusion: Social media stays a very controversial modern phenomenon that can be both positive and negative depending on the situation. It’s important to limit the time of social networking site usage as it may lead to several health disorders. It’s also crucial to protect younger teenagers from seeing the inappropriate context. However, with a parent’s control and wise organization, social media becomes a useful tool for education, general development, and anti-stress therapy.

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