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Rhetorical Analysis Example: Paper Creating Guidelines


Rhetoric is a set of ways of presenting an argumentation used to increase its credibility. Based on this, the corpus of texts containing the reasoned position of a certain author on the issues of logic can be analyzed from the point of view of saturation with rhetorical means. This criterion helps to highlight the emphasis in the analysis of a separate logical conception.

Characteristics of Rhetorical Texts

The question arises: can a rhetorical component be found in any text containing logical problems? Since all argumentation is carried out in speech or text, you can pay attention to how this is done. Rhetorical techniques increase the expressiveness and depiction of speech, and this, in turn, strengthens the argumentation. 

It is obvious that the expressiveness and depiction of speech are typical for literary texts. But in rational scientific texts, rhetorical means are also found. Indeed, in the implementation of argumentation, such rhetorical methods are used as the transformation of inferences into enthymemes by:

  • omitting judgments and the formation of a structure that is expressed in external speech; 
  • changing the order of conclusions; 
  • adaptation of the form of judgments to the requirements of natural language, as well as the figure of thought and word. 

Some of the above are necessarily found in scientific texts.

Moreover, rhetorical devices are especially noteworthy due to the fact that they are auxiliary means of argumentation. Therefore, rhetorical accents of logical texts are significant in identifying the image of the author’s logic, in finding the features of his ideas about logic. 

Thus, rhetorical means are not characteristic and prevailing for logical texts. They can be taken into account when detecting inconsistencies in the conception, allowing one to look at the source from the point of view of the emotional and not fully realized accents placed by the author of the text. Rhetorically reinforced arguments allow identifying the most effective elements of the author’s own position.

A characteristic feature of rhetoric is that the methods of persuasion available in its arsenal are used, taking into account the context of public perception of the message. Rhetoric as the art of public speech manifests itself to a greater extent in public-oriented, polemical texts. 

In public and discussion speech, the circumstances of the place, time, psychological state of the subject, and the addressee of the argumentation are especially important.

Rhetorical analysis is often used in essays today. Even the separate type of such paper is allocated – the rhetorical analysis essay. In this review, we will tell you in detail about the specifics of its creation and provide some useful examples.

Definition and Structure of Rhetorical Analysis Essay

As it is known, the rhetorical essay is a special form of writing where the analyzed problem is examined in detail. The main purpose of creating this paper is to argue and prove your own position using convincing strategies and effective arguments.

In the process of writing, it is important to remember that the completed essay should be grammatically correct, short, and concise, provide a response to the analyzed text, article, speech, etc., and be written in real-time. 

First of all, you need to carefully study the assigned text. Try to write down key points that will help you make a quality analysis and create a good paper. Identify the tactics and strategies that the author of the text used. Thanks to this, you will understand the main background and be able to highlight those points that require additional research. 

Like any other essay, a rhetorical paper should include three main parts. The introduction and conclusion usually consist of one paragraph and the main body – of three paragraphs. Thus, the rhetorical analysis essay has five paragraphs.

The Strategy of Rhetorical Essay

The most important criteria that determine the success of a completed rhetorical analysis essay are rhetorical attractiveness and rhetorical strategy. You should definitely include some good rhetorical strategies in your writing. Choose the best from the below list:

  • Comparison and contrast. This strategy is quite effective. It can be used to support your own arguments. Comparison and contrast allows you to identify differences and similarities of objects, phenomena, situations, etc.;
  • Narration. Using this strategy, you can clearly and consistently analyze the main storyline of the text, identify the main actors, location, and other important features;
  • Description. A good description is a great strategy for writing rhetorical essays. It will provide readers with a number of relevant information on the topic and allow them to describe in detail the subject, phenomenon, situation, etc.;
  • Cause and effect. Revealing cause and effect is an important strategy that tends to be practiced in various forms of writing, including critical writing, autobiography, rhetorical analysis essays, etc. Thanks to the application of this strategy, you can easily identify the relationship, determine the cause that led to the occurrence of a particular effect.

Rhetorical essay example

Finally, we are ready to provide you with a rhetorical analysis example based on the well-known article by Liz Addison. Read it carefully, and then move on to consider the specifics of writing the various structural parts of this paper:

“Liz Addison is the author of “Two Years Are Better Than Four,” which points out that modern community colleges deserve far more praise than they get. The author emphasizes that a college is a unique place that provides students with the opportunity to discover themselves, their inner world, their abilities, and talents.

Addison begins her story from rejection. She talks about Rick Pearlstein and how she disagrees with his views on college life. According to Liz Addison, Rick Pearlstein has no right to comment on the life of students in a modern college since he did not experience it.

The main task of the author of the article is to show the importance of community colleges for society. According to Addison, community colleges are no worse than good American institutions. The author is convinced that those people who study in 4-year programs have good knowledge and are well trained.

In addition, the author notes that students enrolled in colleges have an opportunity for professional growth and development. Addison tries to convince readers to support her position.

I really like Liz Addison’s opinion, and it is true that modern colleges are very important for students and society in general. However, I don’t really like the tone of the paper as a whole. Perhaps, the author should have been less harsh about Rick Pearlstein and refer to another point of view with respect.”

Introduction Creation

It is very important to write a good introduction. This is where you demonstrate that you have actually studied and analyzed a text, article, speech, or any other type of writing.

The introduction should be short but informative at the same time. First, you should mention the heading of the fragment being analyzed, and then you can determine the main style used by the author. After that, you can provide your opinion on what you read.

The main task of the introduction is to interest the reader in the relevance of the theme, originality of the idea, skillful use of words, etc.

Here’s a good rhetorical analysis introduction example:

“There is no doubt today that Edgar Allan Poe is America’s greatest writer. He gained worldwide fame for original scary stories. His poem “The Raven” leaves a lasting impression in the heart of every reader. The effect is achieved through the skillful use of metaphors and comparisons, other poetic techniques, as well as various rhetorical means.”

Body Paragraphs of a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

After writing the introductory paragraph, you need to move on to creating the main body of your essay. It provides a critical analysis of the examined text, highlighting the methods that the author used to entertain, persuade, or inform the reader.

The main body of the rhetorical analysis essay should be consistent and logical. Each separate paragraph should talk about a particular strategy, express a specific idea.

Consider an example of a rhetorical analysis thesis statement:

“The main supporting image-concept of Poe’s poem “The Raven” is a dream. This poem bears an oversensitive character; everything in it almost defies interpretation – so much the mood dominates in this work. This poem is characterized by the sharpness of the experience of the moment.

In this poem, ‘nevermore’ is a poetic word full of tragic meaning, a word that defines the whole tonality of the poem – mournful and sublime. Intonation plays an important role in achieving the effect of tragedy in “The Raven”. E. Poe believed that melancholic intonation is best suited here. Throughout the entire work, the poet uses the growth of a tragic intonation, which is largely created by repeating the technique of alliteration.

The setting plays an important role in the play. The atmosphere in which the main character is located further plunges the reader into darkness, fear, and oppression. The writer takes the hero not to the field, not to an open area, where the likelihood of meeting raven increases, but to a room that serves as a kind of symbol. A symbol of memories of the past and a place where the lyrical hero was with his beloved, and now he is immersed in meditation and depression.”

The Final Paragraph

Having written the main part, you can move on to creating a conclusion. Try here to summarize everything stated in your paper and provide your own opinion. Consider an example:

“In my opinion, the use of various symbols in the poem “The Raven” is deliberate, carries a secret intention, and a set of negative emotions that the author wanted to convey. The aesthetics, poetic principles, artistic style of E. Poe is very peculiar. He largely departed from romantic themes, traditional ideas, and image, and even parodied them.”

Rhetorical Analysis Essay for AP Language and Composition 

If you need to write a good rhetorical analysis essay for AP Language and Composition course, then the examples above will definitely help you with this. But still, you need to approach the task very responsibly and not forget about the following:

  • Understand the essence of the assignment. To understand the main essence of the task well, you should understand the topic and define the purpose of the work;
  • Stick to the format. You should follow the correct format when writing a paper;
  • Use a variety of rhetorical elements in order to bring good arguments.

Visual Rhetoric Analysis Essay

You may also need to write a visual rhetoric analysis essay. Such papers are more often written for a commercial and therefore require the use of vivid and interesting images. Here you need to show how images and pictures relate to the message and how they convince the audience.

Writing Tips from Experts

If you want to create a quality paper, take into account our tips:

  • Write correctly, without mistakes;
  • Develop a clear essay structure;
  • Avoid repetition;
  • Argument your own position;
  • Follow the format.

We hope our review will be useful for you and make the process of completing the task easier! In conclusion, we should note that on this site, you can get help from professionals. Contact us and get an experienced helper now!


How do I write a rhetorical analysis essay?

To write such an essay, you need to make a plan, create a structure and a thesis. Then you have to follow your plan to make the essay in an appropriate way.

What is a rhetorical analysis example?

Rhetorical analysis example is a whole text (or its part) created to present the style of rhetorical analysis essay.

How many paragraphs are in a rhetorical analysis essay?

There are 5 paragraphs in a rhetorical analysis essay.

How do you write a rhetorical analysis essay for a commercial?

Rhetorical analysis essay for a commercial is almost the same as any other type. Nonetheless, you should use more images in such an essay for commercial.

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