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70+ Most Useful Topics for Criminal Justice Research to Choose from

It is difficult to underestimate the role of the criminal justice system in any country. In a nutshell, criminal justice regulates preventing crimes in a particular country. The assignments related to this study area are challenging even for experienced students, as they require deep expertise in a certain topic and good analytical and writing skills. These assignments are also time-consuming, and students need to perform exhaustive research of scientific sources. Moreover, the topics are often argumentative, and the student should be objective and pick strong facts from relevant sources to back up his thesis statement.

Are you a law school student searching for an excellent topic idea for your piece? You have got to the right place. In this article, we collected the outstanding ideas for criminal justice pieces from various areas. Everyone will definitely discover something special for their piece here. Remember that these are just models, and you can alter them, as you want to make them perfect for your certain paper.

What Is Criminal Justice Research, and How to Write It?

These assignments are common for law or criminology students, relate to crime and justice, and investigate these spheres. By dealing with this assignment, the students discover how to recognize and analyze numerous crimes and examine numerous theories related to them.

Finding an ideal topic for research is always a challenge for students, no matter what area they are going to study. Very often, the students hesitate too long or are confused with numerous ideas. Our suggestion is not to waste precious time and decide on the topic on the same or the next day after you are given an assignment. This will leave more time for analyzing sources and writing itself.

When it comes to the features of an ideal study topic, there are numerous criteria to keep in mind. It shouldn’t be too general, so it is better to narrow it down to a specific area. The topic should interest an author, and this way, it will be easier more engaging to study and write a study on it. The topic needs to show a certain subject from a fresh and extraordinary viewpoint. It has to be up-to-date and relate to current issues, phenomena, or events.

70+ Topics for Criminal Justice Research

Our experts picked the excellent criminal justice research topics that will make your research stand out among the others. For your convenience, we divided them according to the different areas.

Criminology Topics

  1. Sharing the domestic abuse experience on the Internet;
  2. How single-parent families affect children;
  3. Can education reduce crime rates?
  4. The rise of economic crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  5. Violating the rights of single-sex couples;
  6. Are the systems for keeping criminal records effective?
  7. Should the legal drinking age be higher?
  8. How to prevent drug use at high schools and colleges;
  9. Cybercrimes as a challenge for the legal system;
  10. How to predict the wrongful behavior of a child;
  11. Is the gun policy in the US effective?
  12. How to stop cyberbullying on a legal level.

General Topics

  1. Is criminology a social or law discipline?
  2. Development of criminology;
  3. The effectiveness of gun control policy;
  4. How to prevent harassment at the workplace;
  5. Domestic violence prevention;
  6. How to stop religious offenses on the Internet;
  7. Gender bias at work;
  8. How to prevent drunk driving?
  9. Propaganda of child abuse on TV;
  10. The links between unemployment and criminal rate;
  11. Is the criminal rate dependent on the area;
  12. How to protect eyewitnesses of crimes effectively?

Criminal Law Topics

  1. The reasons for false confessions;
  2. What mental disorders lead to crimes?
  3. How to protect sensitive witness data;
  4. Should bullying be punished legally?
  5. How to punish for animal cruelty?
  6. Cybercrimes as a challenge for a law system.
  7. Defending Internet privacy.

Arguable Topics

  1. How to prevent drug and alcohol use propaganda in modern music;
  2. Should police officers have more rights?
  3. Drug trafficking in the educational institutions;
  4. Are private prisons an effective method of punishment?
  5. Should the use of medical marijuana be prohibited?
  6. Are the reforms of criminal justice in the USA necessary?
  7. Is poverty one of the central grounds for crimes?
  8. The necessary changes to the immigrant policy;
  9. How to stop gun violence;
  10. Reducing the juvenile crime rate;
  11. The relation between family status and crime;
  12. Why is the criminal rate of immigrants high?
  13. The correlation between gender and crime type.

Racism and Discrimination Topics

  1. The history of racist movements;
  2. Racial discrimination at work;
  3. The connection between race and salary;
  4. Famous African American activists;
  5. How to stop racial conflicts;
  6. Do immigrants contribute to the high crime rate?
  7. The image of police officers in rap songs;
  8. Music as a part of African American culture;
  9. Why are protests criminalized?
  10. Racial discrimination during arrests;
  11. Racial discrimination of witnesses.

Society Topics

  1. The most frequent crimes on campuses and how to stop them;
  2. How to punish for hate crime on the Internet;
  3. The role of activist movements against sexual harassment;
  4. The role of family members in after prison rehabilitation;
  5. How to stop aggression against feminist movements;
  6. Immigrant offense and the methods to prevent it;
  7. How to stop shoplifting;
  8. Preventing homeless offense;
  9. How to stop crime propaganda on media;
  10. Corruption as a social issue;
  11. Gang culture in Latin America;
  12. How to prevent crimes by educating children?
  13. The role of social media in crime prevention.

International Law Topics

  1. Human rights violation in Russia;
  2. The peculiarities of the law system in post-Soviet countries;
  3. Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine and how to punish it;
  4. The role of International Criminal Court;
  5. How to track illegal immigrant traffic;
  6. How to punish for transnational crimes;
  7. Cooperation between justice systems in different countries;
  8. Political crimes and human rights violation in Belarus;
  9. How to appeal to international courts;
  10. The impact of NATO in the situation in Iraq;
  11. The most famous international criminals;
  12. Financial crimes of international corporations;
  13. Are international sanctions effective?
  14. How to punish for political corruption on an international level?
  15. How does Interpol prevent international crimes?
  16. How to track arm trafficking.

To Sum Up

Researches on criminal justice are engaging and challenging at the same time. Students have to do their best and show a high level of writing and analytical skills. The success of the whole paper depends on the topic you choose. We hope you found a perfect one in our list of criminal justice research paper ideas.

Readers Also Ask

Here are the answers to the most common question of our readers on this topic.

What Is Applied Research in Criminal Justice?

Applied research focuses its attention on defining the causes of certain events or phenomena. This has always been one of the most widely applied methodologies for criminal justice papers. This method defines the influence of different factors by using a practical approach. Applied research is considered one of the most effective for law and criminology students.

What Are the Benefits of Criminal Justice and Criminological Research?

The criminal justice system is an integral part of a law system in any country or state. It aims to protect innocent people, convict criminals, and guarantee a fair trial for all. Research in these areas is extremely helpful as the students learn how to look for evidence, use the research facts and experience the influence of laws and policies on real-life cases. It helps students have a closer look at the critical legal, political, and social issues.

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