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A Database of Research Topics for Middle School Assignments


Schoolchildren, who attend middle school, often receive assignments to write research papers. Composing a research paper may be a tedious process, demanding from you an in-depth investigation of various books, articles, and other information sources. Suppose you are determined to write a paper worthy of an A. In that case, you’ll have to examine good examples of research topics for middle school and select the most suitable variant for you, which you can successfully cover.

What is interesting, students often think that choosing a research topic is the easiest task. Believe us, and it is not like that! Sometimes a wrong topic can lead you in the wrong direction. To save you from wasting your time and efforts in vain, below, we’ve prepared smart research topics for middle school students.

Various Examples of Research Topics for Middle School

  1. Characterize the period of Salem witches
  2. Write about the most useful invention of the XX century?
  3. Describe an outstanding person and his/ her achievements
  4. Causes of dinosaurs extinction?
  5. Drawbacks of lack of sleep for people.
  6. Influence of a good night’s sleep on brain activity?
  7. Best tips on how to organize your day effectively.
  8. Ways of preventing conflicts between family members?
  9. How to give up bad habits: 10 working methods.
  10. What are the negative effects of smoking on health?

Research Paper Topics for Middle School on Math

  1. Expand on a famous person who did much for the development of math.
  2. Describe a significant discovery of a well-known mathematician: What are its benefits?
  3. In what way math helps us in solving routine problems?
  4. Why is studying Math at school so important?
  5. Most effective methods for conducting research in Math.

Middle School Research Topics on Science

  1. Periods of Human Evolution.
  2. Difference between people and animals?
  3. Which school science turns out to be the most useful for daily life?
  4. Effective ways of killing microbes at home?
  5. Interconnection between science development and economics?

Research Topics for Middle School on History

  1. Describe the most dominant figure in your country throughout history.
  2. The person you want to align yourself with?
  3. Expand on the wars where Alexander the Great took part. 
  4. Reasons for people to choose battles over a conversation?
  5. Write about a historical battle, which was in vain?

Research Paper Topics on War

  1. Write about the purposes of the Civil War?
  2. Describe in chronological order all events which happened during the war.
  3. Analyze a famous battle and investigate its motives
  4. Characterize people who made a contribution to the victory
  5. Alternative causes of WW2

Other Research Topics for Middle School

  1. How do parents affect the individual’s development?
  2. Does graduation from a university make you well-educated?
  3. Main prerequisites of cruel people’s behavior.
  4. Effective methods to improve memory?
  5. How our everyday actions affect the environment.
  6. Reasons for people to aim for starting a family.
  7. Buying clothes online: Pros and Cons.
  8. How to protect your personal data during online purchases?
  9. How to reduce the unemployment rate?
  10. Working methods to motivate kids to protect the environment. 

Amusing Research Topics for Middle School

  1. Why do cats chase mice?
  2. What would people do without their mobile phones?
  3. What are the reasons for some people to like the smell of petrol or paints?
  4. Effective methods to make a good memory out of a bad one.
  5. Why do a husband and a wife look similar after some years of marriage?
  6. Should children be punished for bad marks?
  7. How to convince your parents to buy you a gift?
  8. Why do animals like sweets, but are not allowed to eat them?
  9. Why most cats and dogs don’t like each other?
  10. Is there a magic pill to cure one of laziness?

Influential Research Topics for Middle School

  1. What inventions are the most essential in modern life?
  2. How to live in harmony with your loved ones?
  3. How to save money and sleep tight?
  4. Books to read for self-development.
  5. How to protect yourself from smartphone addiction?
  6. Describe a movie with a city starring.
  7. How to be always in a good mood?
  8. Do rich people save on something?
  9. What will happen to our planet in 50 years?
  10. How to help poor people from undeveloped countries with education?

Unusual Research Paper Topics for Middle School

  1. How to persuade your parents that you are grown-up enough to make your own decisions?
  2. What are the consequences of drinking a lot of coffee?
  3. What new laws can help reduce crimes?
  4. How to inspire people to read books?
  5. In what way does a community influence a child?
  6. Who should look after kids if both parents need to work?
  7. How to be independent in a marriage?
  8. Suitable jobs for students, which bring much money.
  9. What to do if you feel like falling ill: Working tips.
  10. Most unusual explanations for being late for school.

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