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30 Possible Work from Home Jobs: Make You Regular Decision Deadline

Regular Decision Deadline: Choose the Right Online Job for You

The Internet and the modern world have changed the list of possible jobs, making it wider and more flexible. No matter who you are and where you are, you can do a remote job and earn money.

Are you interested in a home job as well but do not know which one to choose? We have made a list of realistic remote work where you will be paid, have a flexible and stable schedule.

Everyone can do a remote work: a houseline mom, a student, and even a professional. Your choice will depend on the skills, purposes, interests, and schedule you have.

What work you can do at home: the list of home jobs

  • Virtual Assistants

This job might be right for you if you are busy and would like to become more flexible in your job. You can earn up to 50$ an hour with this job. Undergo the training and register on one of the job search websites.

  • Freelance Writing

This job also gives great opportunities but require to have some writing skills. This job can easily become your well paid and full-time occupation. Freelancers are usually paid from 25 to 100$ for 1000 words depending on the experience.

  • Hosting on Airbnb

Do you have an apartment or a room that you can let for rent to travelers? Put it on Airbnb and make up to 100$ a month. Moreover, you will have a great opportunity to get acquainted with people from all over the world.

  • Running a blog

Do you have experience in a particular niche? Then you can do one of the most popular jobs nowadays – blogging. Have your blog, and you will get money from ads, direct product sales, affinity marketing. The amount you may earn is very wide from nothing up to $200,000.

  • Copyreader

If you have an eye for detail and have proficient knowledge in English, you can proofread various types of texts. Your monthly income might be up to $2,000, depending on the number of clients you provide your services.

  • Pet Sitter

Do you love animals? What about getting money for being around them? Dog sitters are paid up to $30 per one walk. To find this kind of job online, go to DogVacay.

  • Online Teacher

Are you a teacher? Conduct video classes just sitting at home and earn up to $4,000 a month.

  • Paid Surveys

If you want to do something easy, you can do surveys that are paid for. To complete a survey, go to platforms like Earning Station. Mind that this kind of job is not high-paid.

  • Transcription

Are you good at English and type fast? You can transcribe audio and video. On average, you can get up to $15 per hour.

  • Website and App Testing

Try out new sites and applications, leave feedback, and you will be paid up to $10 for conducting one test.

  • Customer Support Representatives

Up to $15 per hour is paid to those who assist customers.

  • Web Development

If you want to do something well-paid and know how to work with JavaScript, HTML, or CSS, you can design sites and cash up to $7,000 a month. The right place to look for this kind of job is the platform Upwork.

  • Technical Support Reps

If you are proficient in the use of modern technology, you can provide tech support and earn up to $40, 000. Keep in mind that this job requires having deep knowledge of the product you will work with.

  • Cosmetics Seller

Do you love makeup? Get money from your hobby! Become a representative of famous brands and get a 20-30% commission for each sold product.

  • Vlogging

If you have some knowledge in a specific area, you can get money for sharing that information in the form of videos. YouTube pays 1-$2 for 1,000 views.

  • English Tutor

Is English your native language? Assist learners who want to become fluent and get about $15 for one hour.

  • Translation services

Are you good at languages and can do the translation? Translate different sources, and you can make no less than $45,000 a year. To find a job in this area, go to the Gengo service.

  • Online Nursing

An online nurse is someone who consults the client online or by phone. The average yearly salary is up to $62,000.

  • Social Media Accounts Managing

You can also manage a web presence of companies and earn up to $48,600 a year.

  • Online Therapist

A therapist can work with clients through Skype and get up to $42,000 for thee online sessions.

  • Travel Agent

If you know a lot about the travel industry and its networks, you can work as a travel agent and get up to $36,600 a year.

  • Graphic Designing

Graphic designers earn quite a lot, but to do that kind of job; you need to have skills in making images, visual adverts, and logos.

  • Baby Sitting

Offer babysitting services online by registering on the site like

Care.com. The most high-demand time for this kind of job is Saturdays and Sundays as well the evening time when most childcare institutions do not work.

  • Data Entry

A comfortable income might be obtained by those who enter data for companies. Work hard and get no less than $39,800 a year.

  • Medical Coding

A medical coder is engaged in reviewing medical records of services a patient received and putting them to the appropriate code. You can find this vacancy almost on every job board and earn up to $60,000.

  • Search Engine Evaluation

Appen company pays its employees for evaluating the results of retrieval engines and providing better user experience. After passing an exam, you can start doing this job and earning about $15 an hour.

  • Amazon Remote Employee

Amazon offers various distance positions. The amount you might earn varies from $10 per hour to $50,000 a year, depending on what job you will do and how qualified you are.

  • Sales Consultant

Resel goods you personally like to customers. As a start, you need to procure some goods.

  • Virtual Accountant

Even not having a lot of experience, you can do online accounting and get $15-$60 an hour.

  • Amazon’s FBA Program

Sell with Amazon by signing up on their FBA program. By selling their products at a higher rate, you can make about $2,000 a month.


As you see, there are a great number of jobs to do remotely, and the opportunities are great. However, do not forget about some measures of precaution as there are some scam sites. So read the company’s feedback and descriptions carefully before filling in your application for a specific type of job.

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