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The Movie Analysis Essay: You Can Cope with This Task Easily!

The Movie Analysis Essay: You Can Cope with This Task Easily!

A movie analysis essay is a popular assignment. People love going to the cinema and watching different movies. Thus, popular films are great topics for discussion. Therefore, the task of the movie analysis often seems effortless. However, it can be tricky.

That’s why we’ve composed an article to explain this assignment and its possible pitfalls. The goal is to offer you some helpful tips on detecting and solving all such issues. You can produce a movie analysis essay worth appreciation, by all means, and we’ll help you with this task.

What are the distinctive features of a movie analysis essay?

The analytic approach means that you have to assess some objects critically. You have to examine all its characteristics. Also, you should research the context and evaluate the object from different angles. The results of the study will help you to understand that object better.

The essay will deal with the components of a movie as one whole. Your task is to analyze all the significant components – the work of the director and cinematographer, the script, the actors, the music, and so on. For the critical movie review, you would focus on the film’s ideas and how the authors present them. That is the main difference between these assignments.

How to approach to compose the movie analysis essay

This task won’t be any different from the other essays you wrote as a student. It has the same demands to the structure and contents. You will only need to refresh your skills and use them to explore the new area.

Preliminary steps: choose the topic and research it

Your work starts with selecting the topic for the research. If your assignment includes the title of the movie to analyze, then you can only work on it. However, if you have the freedom of choice, it works in your favor.

  • Choose the movie you like. To analyze it properly, you will need to watch it several times. So, try to get yourself the object where you won’t feel bored.
  • Evaluate the movie from your audience’s point of view. Consider if your readers/listeners will be interested in that piece. Besides, it is essential to understand how they can react to it. It is fine to choose some rarer or provocative piece if you can make an excellent analysis.
  • Give preference to high-ranked movies. You can refer to the IMDB and Metacritic top-100 for the samples. Such films are of high quality, and they are excellent objects of analysis.
  • The movie should be thought-provoking. It is your chance to show your original thinking and understanding of a broader context.
  • At first, you should get familiar with the information about the movie you analyze. Of course, your essay should present your original statements. Still, you need reliable evidence to support your statements.
  • Select the critical reviews dedicated to the movies. You can search for them on leading Web portals like Rotten Tomatoes. Collect both the positive and negative reviews and get familiar with the opinions of top critics.
  • Pay attention to the specific movie things. Analyze the plot and the cast, evaluate visual effects, and so on. Notice any issues that took place during production and distribution.
  • If available, get familiar with the additional materials like the director’s comments and actors’ interviews.
  • Watch the movie reviews on YouTube, as their broadcasters often notice details that are easy to miss. Don’t forget to include those videos into the list of your references.
  • Make notes during the process of watching – you might need to stop or rewind the movie. When you watch it again – keep these notes at hand.

Build the structure for your movie analysis essay

Any essay structure has three parts. They are the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. When you have all the data for your essay, you need to sort it. Consider which ideas you will offer and support and select the most persuasive arguments in their favor.

Then create an outline. It is a detailed plan of your future work. In most cases, your approach is from general to the specific:

  • Develop the central line of your essay – the thesis statement. It is the idea you are going to prove.
  • Define the rest of your claims and put them in order.
  • Add details – the arguments and the references to each of your claims.
  • Consider the logical transitions between these elements to make your essay a literacy text.

Outlining is an excellent method for checking the logic connections in your text. You can see them at once and change the order of elements if needed. In general, your outline is a sketch of the essay, and you can “see” it before you start to write.

The Introduction part

It has to explain to your audience what you will talk about, why you think that it is necessary, and why your readers/listeners should care about the topic. It is the first impression, and you can’t afford to fail this step.

  • Include the necessary information about the movie into the Introduction. You should mention the title, the names of the director, producers, and actors. Note if it is an adaptation or an original story.
  • The thesis statement should end the Introduction part and work as a “bridge” to the Body. In the case of the movie analysis essay, it has to assess the object positively or negatively.

The Body part

It is the most substantial part of the essay, usually about 75-80% of the text. The number of paragraphs will depend on the task requirements and your preferences.

  • Define the goals of the authors and if they reached them.
  • Analyze the plotline and conflicts that moved the story – how were they resolved?
  • What are the main ideas of the movie?
  • Analyze the usage of audiovisual means, directing methods, and the acting.
  • Pay attention to the scenery and costumes.

Include your conclusions about the criteria mentioned above in your essay naturally. Don’t put them as a list. You should not retell the plot, either. Use the information to formulate your statements and prove them, in your voice. However, you can cite some scenes or dialogues if you think them essential for your essay.

The Conclusion part

This part is a summary of all your statements and arguments. It should not be a retelling of the opening. Instead, restate your thesis in the context of your research. Stress that you were right in your evaluation of the movie and that your analysis results proved that. Besides, try to consider the importance of that movie for the genre development, for the director’s and actors’ career.

The last sentence of the movie analysis essay should address the audience and provoke their reaction. It can be a question or some original claim that would leave your readers/listeners thinking about that movie for a longer time.

Polish the movie analysis essay till perfection

  • After finishing the text, read it at once and do the first editing. Track and fix all errors, consider the word choice, and correct the awkward phrases.
  • Put the essay aside for at least several hours – or better for the night. Revise the movie analysis essay again. Pay attention to the exposition and ensure that it is clear and concise. Edit the text again.
  • Check the “plotline” of your writing – it should relate to the thesis statement and be evident throughout the piece. Ensure that all elements are connected logically with each other and your theses.
  • Note all your sources in the bibliography list. Make sure to format all references according to the required style.

The movie analysis essay can be an exciting task to do. Present your ideas to the audience – you can be a success with our recommendations.

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