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How to Cite a Poem in MLA Style


How to Cite a Poem in MLA Style

MLA format is one of the most frequently used citation styles that many experienced writers select to cite a poem and familiar literary pieces. It is one of the easiest formatting styles among a wide variety of citation formats, thus students prefer using it in their academic writing. Nevertheless, even with its simplicity and easiness for a writer, every student who writes an academic paper must be well-aware of the MLA style’s exceptional characteristics and requirements.

This citation style is one of the top formatting styles, which have numerous vital specifics, particularities, and special requests. The style is often used by students who need to cite poems and other creative pieces of writing. You can check the detailed MLA format instructions and guides online in order to cite your materials and information properly.

MLA format is used to cite poems that can be included in numerous essay papers, research papers, and other academic works. Students prefer writing down pieces of poems in various academic papers like descriptive and reflective essays, critical thinking papers, and other popular academic writing pieces. Even a research paper can require adding quotes from a poem, thus you have to be experienced with the needed formatting style in order to submit a perfect final paper. It is better to check all the main requirements and characteristics of the MLA citation style in advance to get all the chances to deliver an excellent final piece of writing. You may always ask your tutor for additional guides if needed.

How to Cite a Poem Properly

When you need to cite a poem, you should be well-aware of the following tips and guides to assure a proper citation style. These useful guidelines will help every student to cite short and long poems properly.

  1. When you need to add a citation to your research paper or essay, you should always use citations. If you include even a short poem without proper citations, it will be plagiarism. Be aware that the submitted paper must be original and flawless, thus it should not contain any plagiarism.
  2. You must outline the borrowed phrases and sentences to further cite them according to an assigned formatting style, in particular, MLA citation format.
  3. You do not need to use quotation marks when you choose to paraphrase some parts of the original text, prose, or poem. Still, you have to put in-text citations in the end eventually.
  4. You should use quotation marks to place poem titles. There is no need to underline them.
  5. Use a line of ellipses to delete a line of a selected poem if needed. You can delete as many lines as needed if they do not remain important for your academic paper.

MLA citation style remains a popular citation format that is mostly used by students who need to cite various poems. This style allows citing various creative writing pieces, thus the students of creative writing and art use it frequently. Numerous academic papers require this exact citation style, thus be aware of its top characteristics and requirements since they are important for high school and college papers’ perfect completing.

How to Cite in MLA Style

MLA citation style is a special citation format that allows citing various poems and creative writing pieces. The creative writing and liberal arts’ students often use the mentioned citation style to prepare excellent academic papers. The MLA formatting style assures a proper text formatting, correct citations’ writing, thus it brings all the needed tools to deal with long and short quotations. The assigned citation style also outlines the ways you must write down headers, references, and additional elements of an academic paper.

Every student should first check the standards and MLA handbook to learn how to deal with poems’ citations properly.

Be aware that different citation formats require different components that must be included in your piece of writing. Moreover, you should know properly all the requirements and standards of a used citation style to submit a final paper with correct structure and format. Check various tutorials and guides to figure out how to organize works cited page and cite poems accurately once following all the assigned style’s requirements.

How to Cite a Poem in MLA Style

MLA citation style allows citing numerous poems and familiar pieces of writing. When you want to cite a selected poem, make sure to check the length of a poem to cite it properly and according to MLA citation style standards. Be aware of the following poem’s characteristics when formatting your paper with MLA citation style:

  • When you cite a short poem, you usually deal with 3 or fewer lines.
  • Long quotations include 3 and more lines.

In fact, every detail of a cited poem matters. Thus, in order to correctly cite a poem, you should check the line numbers in advance. Moreover, sometimes students need to place in-text direct citations. Therefore, check carefully what materials and literary pieces you place in your academic paper. There is no need to add unnecessary words and phrases since you are about to face a need to cite them eventually.

It is great when you have decent writing and research skills. It may help you to choose the proper poems’ parts to cite in your research paper or essay. When writing an essay or other academic paper make sure to check every used material properly and add only important information and facts.

How to Cite a Title of a Poem Properly

When writing a research paper or essay, make sure to follow all MLA citation format requirements and standards in order to come up with original and flawless final paper. It is also important to cite the title of a poem correctly. Therefore, when you need to cite a poem or any other creative piece of writing, be very attentive to its details like the title, authors’ name, and a publisher year.

MLA cited title of the book or another material should contain a full title of a used work, the name of the author, and the number of a line. It must be written using Italics or quotation marks. In fact, Italics is used when you need to cite long poems, while quotation marks are used for short poems. Make sure to provide information carefully in order to write down only important data and cite every type of poem correctly.

Top Guides and Tips on How to Cite a Poem Correctly

MLA citation style describes the proper ways of how to cite the used materials and sources in written academic papers. This citation style is the easiest one to work with for every high school and college student. Therefore, make your work even more pleasant by using the following top tips and guides.

  1. When you cite quotes from a poem, there is no difference what the exact length they have, make sure to place quotation marks around them. You should use parenthesis when you want to quote the exact words and phrases of the author. You should include the number of a specific line next to the citation.
  2. You can use a hyphen to divide the title of the used poem and the name of the author.
  3. The block quotes or so-called long-citations often include 3 and more lines that must be included. Thus, use a short signal phrase to cite a poem. You can also use double spaces and leave an original text’s punctuation marks.
  4. Additional elements of a cited poem must be formatted according to the standard citation of prose.
  5. Make sure to edit and proofread your citations after formatting to assure a flawless final piece of writing.

When you prepare research papers or essays, you must organize and cite the parenthetical citation and in-text citations according to the formatting style standards. When citing a material, it is important to name the author and put the number of a specific line in parentheses. Be aware that when you paraphrase the source material, it is not necessary to use quotation marks.

MLA Citation Style Top Standards

MLA citation style is a specific style that allows citing various poems and creative writing pieces of any length. In fact, it is important to check a length of a cited literary piece from the very beginning since short and long quoted are cited differently. The creative writing and liberal arts’ students regularly use this citation style to prepare various essays and research papers. The MLA formatting style assures a proper text formatting, correct text citation, thus students can easily deal with long and short quotations.

The assigned citation style also outlines where to place quotation marks and parenthesis while citing a poem or a familiar creative writing piece. When you cite long quotations, you can use ellipses to short the quotes and leave only important information. Moreover, you need to be very attentive to the number of lines that are put into parenthesis. Remember, to put a number of a line into a parenthesis and not a page number like it is usually done in other formatting styles.

Every student should check the standards and guidelines of the MLA style to learn how to deal with poems’ citations properly. The Internet is full of MLA style samples and various useful tips to find and learn additional characteristics of an assigned citation style like line breaks, number of lines’ limitations, etc. If you want, you can check various tutorials and guides available online to figure out how to organize a page of works cited and place it at the end of academic paper. Remember, you must be experienced with academic writing and know well all the requirements and standards of a used citation style to submit a final paper with correct structure and format.


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