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A Broad Overview Of Domestic Violence Research Paper


Domestic violence is a widespread subject to study since it has different circumstances and consequences. Read below to learn more about the basis of domestic violence and the most actual topics on this subject. 

Domestic Violence: Definition

Domestic violence and divorce are acute global problems. Each year the number of divorces is rapidly growing. Domestic abuse has become an ordinary thing. Women and children usually become victims.

Benefit of Domestic Violence Research Paper for Students

Students of all studying establishments are supposed to express their views on domestic violence in an academic paper. As one of many topics, it allows students to sharpen analytic skills and determine the social danger of the problem. Since numerous domestic violence cases grow annually, there are plenty enough sources for a well-structured academic assignment.

Outline of Domestic Violence Research Paper

An outline of this type of paper may differ according to the theme. Generally, it consists of the following parts:

  • outline;
  • introduction with a thesis;
  • body part: causes, effects, strategies to counter (1-7 paragraphs);
  • conclusion;
  • reference list.

Usually, this type of paper should have 1000 words and more.

How to Choose a Topic

Divorces and domestic abuse include hundreds of issues that relate to different subjects such as sociology, psychology, history, economics, and more. This problem bothers everybody, regardless of race and ethnicity. Despite the wide range, picking the topic for domestic violence research paper may appear the most complicated part for a writer. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you to make your choice.

Use the Information Received at School Classes

If you are a regular attendee of school, exploring the topics discussed in a class is quite helpful. Look through your textbook, workbook, notations, and highlight the most interesting notes. If you actively participated in the theme discussion in your class, take it as a scale for your further research work.


Abstract from a social environment, turn off your smartphone and exclude annoying sounds. In a complete quietness, write in your editor program everything that comes to your mind relating to the theme of domestic violence. This technique will help to select the topics that are familiar to you. Then you can choose one of those for in-depth research.

Use Your Previous Works

In case you worked with domestic abuse topics before, look through your previous works. Theses, dissertations, or drafts might come in handy. You may choose one of these for detailed research. Also, you can use journals. Perhaps, one short article will inspire you for the fullest disclosing of the theme.

Ask Google

If nothing mentioned above helped, surf on the Internet. Remember that far not Internet sources have enough available information for an academic assignment. Meanwhile, Google will offer you a wide range of themes that you did not discuss in your class. That will make your work unique and grab attention. Do not lose useful links. Save them in a separate document.

Some of these methods will help choose the best topic for your brilliant domestic violence research paper.

Topics for Domestic Violence Research Paper

Domestic violence is all types of aggressive action in a home environment. It includes:

  • physical, emotional, sexual abuse and threats of any household member;
  • economic abuse (leaving people without basic needs);
  • religious-based abuse (for instance, genital mutilation).

The definition of domestic violence is extended and comprehends various actions of offenders.

Children and Teenagers

Here are a few possible topics for your academic research with children and teenagers issues:

  • influence of domestic abuse on the future behavior of children;
  • Why are children at the highest risk of being hurt from domestic abuse?
  • Do shelter services save children from domestic violence?

These topics have a rich database of facts and can inspire an author for in-depth research.

Domestic Violence and Mass Media

Since domestic abuse is a widespread problem, mass media discuss it too. Perhaps, you may desire to explore one of these themes:

  • Do mass media provoke domestic violence?
  • Influence of violent movies on the general statistics of abuses nowadays;
  • offenders and victims in the eyes of mass media.

Media outlets are part of our life to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, you will experience no problem with finding a suitable topic for yourself.

Cultural Aspects and Domestic Violence

All of us collapse with the cases of abuse in daily life. Pay attention to the following topics:

  • Does the feminism movement increase or decrease the progress of domestic violence?
  • Wealthiness and poverty: how do they relate to domestic abuse?
  • The most common causes of domestic violence over the globe: an overview.

Perhaps, you know your personal life examples of domestic violence. It will be your best theme then.

Domestic Violence and Law

  • How effective are the government measures against domestic abuse?
  • Which innovations should municipalities implement for better protection of potential victims?
  • Examples of efficient government politics against domestic violence worldwide.

All governments have a complex of measures to struggle with domestic abuse, so you have plenty of topics to discuss.

Domestic Abuse of Seniors

Conflicts between people in advanced years also lead to domestic violence. Here are several topics that determine the issue:

  • domestic abusing of elders by cohabitants;
  • the impact of domestic abuse on seniors’ mental health;
  • How do social services protect old-aged people?

Students who have volunteer experience at the seniors complex may use it as a ground for further scientific research.

Technology Inventions and Domestic Violence

We use the products of technological progress daily but rarely think about their connection to domestic abuse. A few ideas for you to think about:

  • are technology products as a form of alternative communication to defend from domestic violence?
  • The positive role of mobile phones for urgent calls;
  • technology inventions as a safe way of conversation with potential offenders.

Think out if you have more examples of how domestic violence and new technologies are connected. Perhaps, it will be the theme for your research.

Domestic Violence Upon Disabled

Disabled people are the potential victims of abuse. Unfortunately, many cases confirm it. Feel free to use it as a topic for your scientific investigation:

  • Are family members of the disabled people the potential perpetrators?
  • How to protect the disabled from the crimes committed by healthcare providers and caregivers?
  • How do governmental institutions protect the disabled?

There are many cases of sexual assault of crippled. If this subject does not scare you off, you can adopt it as well.

Psychological Background of the Domestic Violence

The psychological problems of a defender lay in the core of severity. If mental health belongs to the circle of your interest, try to explore the following topics:

  • Who are the perpetrators?
  • Which groups of people are at higher risk?
  • Psychological methods of recovering the victims;
  • impact of domestic abuse on a person’s sense of self-worth, mental health, emotional well-being.

Even more, you can generate more themes through the separation of genders and age groups.

Divorce as a Consequence of Domestic Abuse

Many divorce lawyers confirm that an overwhelming number of separations accounted for domestic violence. Studies show that these cases happen in two-thirds of all married couples. Ninety-five percent of victims are females. Children abused in a marriage make up about forty percent of all abused kids. Even more, they can become an abuser or a victim in the future. These hot-button topics are widely discussed in modern society and can be a perfect choice for domestic violence research paper.

Divorces Worldwide

The theme of divorce is popular in many countries. It is relevant and spread, so you will not experience complications with finding the data and preparing concise material. Have a look at these possible topics:

  • the strangest divorce laws;
  • domestic violence as a reason for divorces;
  • How do people accept divorces in the world?
  • Are divorced victims protected from the following abuse?

The variants of this topic have no end, so try to think in this direction.

Religion Believes and Divorces

Religious confession often becomes a stumbling block and a background of tortures in many nations. You might get interested in the following themes:

  • the meaning of religious confession in married couples;
  • social attitude to divorces and traditions in different countries;
  • Does faith split a happy family life?

This topic will be highly likely unique in your class and expand your horizons during the researching process.

Children and Divorce Litigations

Children are the most vulnerable to domestic abuse. Divorce limitations make a negative impact on them. In your research paper, you can pay attention to these problems:

  • the influence of the smooth and hard divorce processes on children;
  • how can a parent help their children to save mental health;
  • a friendly relationship between parents after divorce: is this possible?
  • Can a psychologist help to recover the breaking down of a marriage?

This problem bothers most people. Doubtlessly, you have your point of view on this matter. Perhaps, someone of your friends has been through a tough time. Think out what is the best theme for your research paper.

Divorces and Economics

Divorces force a negative influence on the economic situation. These are a few topics that may catch your interest:

  • the countries with the highest rate of divorces and their state of economics;
  • Why do divorces make a negative impact on the social well-being inside of the country?
  • What can municipalities do to protect families from divorces?

If economics is one of your favorite subjects, you will certainly like this direction of work.

Psychological Background of Divorces

Divorce is a significant problem with numerous psychological problems at the core. Have an inside look at this situation through your research paperwork:

  • effects of divorce on married people?
  • Physical and mental health-destroying due to divorce;
  • Do cohabiting couples experience less domestic violence than married ones?

These live situations are familiar to everyone. It can be a good theme for discussion and extensive academic research.

Feminism Movement and Divorces

Feminism is often accused by society due to this wave’s connection to the growing rates of divorces. Whether this is the case?

  • Do more female rights and freedoms increase divorce rates?
  • Males’ and female’s opinions about divorce;
  • Do equal gender rights increase or decrease divorce rates?

A modern and challenging topic that will make your research paper stand out of the crowd.

Significance of Marriage

The statistic is rigorous: a limited number of couples desire family ties each year. In your research paper, you can speak about:

  • the meaning of marriage for you and your closest people;
  • Why did the popularity of marriage die?
  • Decreasing the marriage rates: what is the reason?
  • Marriage: a useless old-fashioned tradition or society?

Express your point of view on the family question in your research work.

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