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Exemplification Essay Topics: Guideline On How To Select It And Examples

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An exemplification essay is a pretty exponential type of academic writing. It shows the whole picture of the problem being discussed and includes not only theoretical arguments but examples that took place in real life. It’s way easier for readers to understand the topic when they have a relatable example. Also, it’s easier for the writer to prove their point when there are real cases or situations that can be used as arguments. As you can see, an exemplification essay is a profound type of paper. Therefore you should choose a topic for it carefully.

How to choose a topic for your exemplification essay correctly? Well, it’s all about the good idea, the catchy question exciting to discuss. You can make a brainstorming session (alone or with your classmates) and make a list of important problems you want to discuss. Also, you can research the most controversial and relevant topics and come up with the point you want to prove. Keep in mind that your topic and introduction should be catchy and relatable for the readers. It’s important to provide relevant examples and strong arguments as well; therefore, follow the rules and tips you’re going to learn right now.

Overall Guidelines and Variations of Exemplification Essays

As you know, this type of paper is based on strong and exponential examples that have to be analyzed and implied to support or disprove the main idea of the essay. You have to use specific and real examples to create actual arguments supporting your thesis statement. Cases have to be detailed and complete in order to answer every question of readers.

There are two types of exemplification essays. The first one requires several examples supporting one statement. It means you have to describe the different situations that would prove the same point. In the second type, you can only use one example but discuss it thoughtfully from every point of view.

Great Topics for Your Exemplification Essay

As you have learned, there are two types of essays, so the topics for them may differ. Every topic implies the presence of the thesis statement and some structured evidence for it, but the evidentiary process is slightly different in each type of exemplification essay.

Examples of Topics for an Exemplification Essay with Multiple Evidence

  1. Is it necessary to have a diploma to get a good job?
  2. Should abortions be illegal?
  3. Government should provide completely free education for every child.

Examples of Topics for an Exemplification Essay with Extended Evidence

  1. The problem of homeless people on the streets of big cities. Their destructive impact on the safeness and environment of the city. The government shouldn’t ignore this problem.
  2. Women and men have to get equal salaries in the same positions. 
  3. Low income and low living standards are the main reasons for shop-thrifting.

Good Samples of Exemplification Essay Topics

The topic of your essay can differ depending on the subject you study. Therefore, here are some topics for various subjects. While choosing one, keep in mind that your theme has to be relevant and important to discuss. Do some research in your field of study to understand what problems are on the agenda today.

Examples of Essay Themes in Education

  1. The primary school curriculum is outdated and needs to be reconstructed.
  2. A four-day school week is more effective for students than a five-day one.
  3. Bilingual students show better results in colleges than their classmates.
  4. The development of smart technology makes students’ thinking more primitive.
  5. Distance studying reduces the motivation and socialization skills of the student.

Examples of Essay Topics in Media

  1. Demonstration of violence in the media increases the level of violence among adolescents and children.
  2. Media increases the level of awareness in current issues of society.
  3. The promotion of alcohol and smoking in the media should be reduced or forbidden.
  4. Media works for promoting tolerance and democracy.
  5. Social media have replaced television for young people.

Examples of Essay Ideas in Health

  1. Poor health care system leads to multiple cases of unsuccessful self-medication among people.
  2. Health insurance has to be affordable for every citizen.
  3. Development of the health care system will lead to increased life expectancy.
  4. Physical activity improves not only the physical but also the mental health of a person.
  5. Obsession with the diet culture is as unhealthy as fast-food addiction.

Great Essay Topics in Business

  1. The online-business is cheaper and easier to start than the offline one.
  2. Global pandemic changed the trends in business drastically.
  3. Customers are more likely to trust small businesses than big corporations.
  4. Good client service works well to increase the profitability of the business.
  5. Successful small businesses provide economic growth for the country.

Ideas for Essay Topics in Arts

  1. Art lessons increase the level of creativity among children.
  2. Promotion of multicultural arts encourages a higher level of tolerance.
  3. Using art to explain a difficult issue works more effectively than using common educational techniques.
  4. Studying ancient art helps to understand the ideas of ancient people about the future.
  5. Supporting ethnic arts improves the cultural legacy of the country.  

Examples for Topics in Technology

  1. Robots are about to become a service staff for humans.
  2. Social media makes a negative impact on the mental health of young people.
  3. Smartphones lower the critical thinking skills of students because of the instant availability of any information.
  4. Contactless payment technologies will completely replace cash in a decade.
  5. Smartphones reduce children’s ability to concentrate and work on one subject for a long time.

Simple Guideline on How to Create a Successful Exemplification Essay Topic

The whole point of the exemplification essay topic is to bring up the important and controversial question that has to be discussed and provide a strong argument to support or disprove this question. The main goal of the author is to convince the audience of the relevance of their point of view by using wholesome real-life examples. Basically, the topic of the essay should contain the main issue of the paper, and the position author is about to prove. Remember that your point has to be worth proving; in another case, it will be hard to make readers follow your thoughts. Make sure you will be able to provide valid examples for your arguments because they make the main element of your exemplification essay. Don’t rush thought; let’s start with composing a topic for your essay step by step.

First Step: Do Some Brainstorming

It’s a great technique to come up with fresh ideas. Gather with your classmates and make a brainstorming session discussing every exciting idea that comes to your mind. That helps to launch your critical thinking. It’s essential to hear the ideas of other students to see different points of view and analyze a specific situation. Bring up only relevant topics that are interesting to you and your friends, don’t settle down with basic ones.

Second Step: Time for Researching

To prove your point and present relevant examples, you need reliable sources. Before getting into writing your essay you have to prepare several decent examples and check all the details about them. What sources should you use? Well, go for good old books, trustable articles, and websites you can rely on. Avoid tabloids and unknown media, even if they catch you with extremely suitable examples – there are a lot of fakes online. Therefore, you have to be judicious and diligent when it comes to research.

Third Step: Draft

When you come up with several decent ideas, you have to choose between them. Your next step – is to write down several drafts of your exemplification essay topics. Pay attention to the research you have conducted and decide what topic has the most profound and detailed examples. Compose different variations of your preferred topic, try various formulations. Make sure that your thesis statement is clear and unambiguous.

Fourth Step: Revision

Since you have made a list of drafts, it’s time to revise it. Here are some vital qualities of a good topic: short, specific, clear, catchy, and relevant. Readers have to simply understand the message of your writing. If your title looks too general or basic, the audience won’t stay to check if there is something interesting hiding in your writing. To avoid it, pay as much attention to the promising title as to the wholesome content of the exemplification essay.

Fifth Step: Choose a Topic!

After all this work, you are ready to pick the right topic for your essay. Check all criteria before you make the final decision. See which topic has the most intriguing examples, which is more debatable or controversial. Don’t forget about your preferences – it will be more exciting for you to write about the issue that lives in your head rent-free. If you struggle with selecting the right variation, ask for help from your classmates or family. It’s essential to have some feedback from the audience starting from the very first step of your exemplification essay.

Structure of an Exemplification Essay Topic

A proper exemplification essay topic requires a specific format the has to include two essential elements – a subject and an outcome. The subject is the situation you are going to discuss in your paper. It can be some popular issue, relevant problem, global phenomenon, or any fact that can cause a certain consequence. Basically, this consequence – is the second thing to be mentioned in your title. How to combine those two elements? There are two possible ways.

“Subject, the result to be discussed.”

It’s a pretty simple combination where you put your fact first and then show the outcome of it.

“An outcome, subject.”

It’s basically a mirrored version of the first type of topic. This variation aims to be more catchy for the audience. When you start with the outcome, it gets highlighted, and readers pay more attention to it. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to choose which combination suits your specific topic better. Just make sure that your subject and outcome are interconnected and perfectly logical.  

The Pattern for an Exemplification Essay

Let’s briefly review the structure of the whole exemplification essay. It’s essential to make a strict outline for the paper before you start writing it. When you know exactly what you are going to write in each part of your exemplification essay, the work doesn’t seem so hard, right?

1. Topic

As you already know, the topic has to be brief, specific, and well-structured. Don’t get too wordy; seven-thirteen words are enough to present your point. Don’t make it dry as well; remember that your title is made to engage the audience.

2. Introduction

This part of an exemplification essay presents the main points of your work and introduces the topic to the readers. You have to explain the necessary conditions of your subject so the audience will have enough knowledge to follow your analysis and arguments. Place your thesis statement at the end of an introduction and get to the main part of an essay.

3. Main body

The first paragraph of the main body should correspond to the thesis statement. It’s where your start is presenting your arguments and examples. Every paragraph has to contain a certain thought supported by a specific example. It should be a complete section with an independent point that refers to the thesis statement.

The second paragraph is meant for a counterargument. It’s a certain point opposite to your thesis statement. You have to include it in your writing to show every side of the issue. This paragraph needs a compelling example as well, don’t forget you are writing an exemplification essay.

In the third paragraph, you are making the thesis statement great again. You have to disprove the counterargument you have presented in a previous paragraph. Explain why the counterargument is wrong; use another illustrative example. Get into details, make it clear for the readers. Let them understand your train of thought and make their own decision to trust your point. Refuting all the possible misconceptions works well in proving your point because it resolves objections immediately.

4. Conclusion

 It’s the final part of your exemplification essay. Here you have to summarize your thoughts into a brief closing paragraph. Bring up the main idea of your writing and conclude all the points you presented into the main body. Highlight the veracity of the thesis statement you have proven. Every previous paragraph should lead to a logical conclusion.

Let’s Summarize

The exemplification essay is based on proving a certain point by using examples from real life. It is meant to be pretty exponential and constructive since it refers to real and relatable situations or factors. There are two types of topics for an exemplification essay: extended and multiple. You can choose one depending on the subject you have. The topic of the essay has to be relevant, catchy, bringing up the current issue. Now you know how to select the topic right, so here are the main points for you to keep in mind:

1. Use brainstorming while selecting the topic for your essay. Don’t forget about drafting after that. Sum it up with revision, and you have the perfect topic to work with.

2. Introduction should match the topic you have chosen. Do your best to make it intriguing but clear.

3. The main body of your exemplification essay has to contain an argument proving the thesis statement, a counterargument showing another point of view, and a disproof of your counterargument. The main goal of that set is to support the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction.

4. Use reliable examples to support your arguments and convince the readers. Choose only trustworthy sources to find good examples.

5. Make a decent conclusion by summarizing all the important points of your essay.

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