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The current college application timeline


It goes without saying that your child’s years might be busy. Also, your child might be assigned to continue to seek high-impact extracurricular activities, improve standardized test scores, secure recommendation letters, and work on the college applications by composing a paper.

So, your child must follow the timeline for when and what to complete. If they fail to do it, it might lead to unnecessary stress as well as weaker applications. So, it is necessary for your child not to lag behind during this period of time.

Therefore, we generated a college application timeline to assist you. This timeline concentrates exclusively on when your child must complete different assignments that are associated with the applications.

The perfect college application timeline

From January to April of the Junior Year

  1. Have a meeting with the school’s research college and college counselor websites to make sure that you are on the right road to meet all the academic & testing demands for the schools of your interest.
  2. In May, get prepared for the upcoming AP exams.
  3. Plan SAT, ACT, and also SAT Subject Test dates.
  4. Develop the ideas for the extracurricular capstone project, which is over the summer.
  5. Plan college visits.

May of the Junior Year

  1. Consider taking the AP exams.
  2. Begin to study for SAT, ACT, and also SAT Subject Tests.
  3. Request the recommendation letters.
  4. Finalize the capstone project details that are extracurricular.
  5. Finalize the college visit details.

From June to August Between the Junior & Senior Years

  1. Consider taking the final SAT, ACT, and also SAT Subject Tests.
  2. Do brainstorming, pre-writing, and completing 3-4 drafts of the Common App Paper (or personal statement).
  3. Open all the application accounts (e.g., Coalition App, Common App, UC application) and complete the demographic data sections.
  4. Open the BS/MD application accounts & complete the demographic data sections.
  5. Complete the Common App Activities part & modify it for the other applications.
  6. Complete Common Application Additional Data section. (Optional)
  7. Complete the extracurricular capstone project.
  8. Complete college visits.

September of the Senior Year

  1. Seek feedback & finalize Common Application Paper
  2. Finalize the school list.
  3. Make a request that all the standardized test scores (For example, AP, ACT, SAT) will be sent to the schools from your list.
  4. Make up your mind whether you would like to apply to the colleges through the early action or the early decision.
  5. Complete the supplemental papers for the early action or the early decision schools.
  6. Take check-in with the recommendation letters of writers about the letters’ status.

October of the Senior Year

  1. Change your Common Application Paper & appropriate supplemental papers to fit the UC prompts.
  2. Complete the UC application papers.
  3. Finalize & submit the applications to the early action or the early decision schools.

November of the Senior Year

  1. Finalize & submit the UC application.
  2. Complete supplemental papers for the regular decision schools.

December of the Senior Year

  1. Finalize & submit applications to regular decision schools.
  2. Consider the early action or the early decision of the school acceptances.

January – March of the Senior Year

  1. Complete the admissions interviews whenever they are offered.
  2. Search & apply for college scholarships.

March – April of the Senior Year

  1. Consider the regular decision acceptances.
  2. Attend the second look & admitted student weekends.
  3. Submit the waitlist letters to the schools that have placed you on the waitlist.
  4. Submit the appeal letters to the schools that have rejected you.
  5. Make the final decision concerning where to attend & submit the deposit by May

May of the Senior Year

  1. Notify the recommenders concerning your applications’ outcomes & thank them for the support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the last date I might take SAT/ACT subject test & it will be considered on my app?
    Schools tend to accept standardized test scores to a month before the application deadline. For example, a school with November 7 deadline will accept the test scores till October 7. To find more details about each school, we strongly recommend you to visit their websites for more relevant data.
  2. When are the college applications due to?
    In most cases, the deadlines of college applications are in Autumn or Winter. They might vary from school to school. They are different because of such factors as regular decision, early decision, and early action. Check out the list of application deadlines for many well-known universities and colleges.
  3. What can I do if I have no skills in writing a personal statement?
    Do not worry because you are not alone. Many applicants have similar problems. The only practical way out of it is to use the custom writing service. There are expert writers who can easily create a personal statement for you so that you will be enrolled fluently to your college or university of choice. Many people have tried out the writing services and are absolutely satisfied with the personal statement’s quality.
  4. How can I find the best writing service?
    To do it, we recommend you to check out the current and relevant reviews about the specific custom writing service website. If the overwhelming majority of the feedback is positive, feel free to use their service.

Application deadlines in colleges for 2020-2021

Early Action Application Deadlines

            Caltech early action: November 1

            Georgetown: November 1

            University of Virginia: November 1

            Harvard: November 1

            The University of Michigan: November 1

            MIT: November 1

            Princeton: November 1

            The University of Chicago: November 1

            Stanford: November 1

            The University of Notre Dame: November 1

            Yale: November 1

            The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: October 15

            Early Decision Deadline

            Amherst: November 15

            Bowdoin: November 15 (ED II deadline: January 1)

            Boston University: November 1

            Brown: November 1

            Boston College: November 15

            Columbia: November 1

            Cornell: November 1

            Dartmouth: November 1

            Duke: November 1

            Emory: November 1

            Johns Hopkins: November 1

            NYU: November 1 (ED II deadline: January 1)

            Northwestern: November 1

            Pomona: November 1 (ED II deadline: January 1)

            Smith: November 15 (ED II deadline: January 1)

            Swarthmore: November 15

            Tufts: November 1

            The University of Chicago: November 1 (ED II deadline: January 2)

            UPenn: November 1

            Vanderbilt: November 1 (ED II deadline: January 1)

            Wellesley: November 1 (ED II deadline: January 1)

            Williams: November 15

The Regular Decision Deadlines

            Amherst: January 1

            Bowdoin: February 1

            Boston University: January 6

            Brown: January 2

            Boston College: January 1

            Caltech: January 3

            Columbia: January 1

            Cornell: January 2

            Dartmouth: January 2

            Duke: January 2

            Emory: January 1

            Georgetown: January 10

            Harvard: January 1

            Johns Hopkins: January 2

            MIT: January 1

            NYU: January 1

            Northwestern: January 2

            Princeton: January 1

            Stanford: January 2

            Swarthmore: January 1

            Tufts: January 1

            The University of Chicago: January 2

            The University of Michigan: February 1

            The University of Notre Dame: January 1

            UPenn: January 5

            USC: January 15

            The University of Virginia: January 1

            Vanderbilt: January 1

            Wellesley: January 15

            Williams: January 1

            Yale: January 2

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