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What You Should Know to Choose Good Argumentative Essay Topics

What You Should Know to Choose Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Studying at school or college usually supposes a lot of writing. At the initial steps, you do not experience too much pressure. But as you proceed, the more and more complicated tasks are being given to you. As long as you do not have a right to choose the topic you want, it gets more and more complicated. There are 3 essential things for each student to take into consideration when writing a proper argumentative essay:
1. Writing skills.
2. Research skills.
3. Analytical skills.
If you lack one of the skills, mentioned above, you would better use writing assistance services to help you cope with argumentative essays. However, try writing a paper on your own first. It is good to write a persuasive essay for your research and communication skills. Such essays are supposed to train your debating skills. When you manage to cope with this task, it will positively influence your public speech and overall performance.

How to select debatable argumentative topics to discuss

Some students think that is better to be assigned to write a certain topic by a teacher. However, it is always much better to have the right to select the topic on your own. To prove his or her knowledge, a student should collect all time-tested and valuable sources, when working on a persuasive essay. For instance, you may use such primary sources like these:
• Official reports;
• Newspapers;
• Scientific magazines;
• Academic journals;
• Documentaries;
• Books;
• Textbooks.
Cite and use external sources, even if you feel like you are not an expert in a specific field. It will develop your skill of selecting and collecting the most relevant sources. To support your knowledge, you will use indirect and direct quotes. if you are still unsure of your writing abilities, you can always buy a paper online from us. Just contact us and we will do all the hardest part for you.

Best argumentative essay topics

Easy argumentative essay topics:

1. Education must be free for each person
2. What is the reason that the USA citizens becoming rapidly more and more obese?
3. Internet access should be limited for all students
4. The young people should possess a right to select if it comes to serving in military sources
5. Each of the students should have a right to choose only such disciplines that he is personally interested in
6. Which are the benefits that the USA’s educational system can offer to international students?
7. Which of the secondary languages are most worth learning today?
8. Is education overcommercialized today?
9. Is current academic grading really helpful in the performance?
10. Are tests such as the ACT and SAT efficiently?
11. Advantages and disadvantages of the MBA program.

ports argumentative essay topics:

1. What can be made to assist the teenagers in the maintenance of a healthy weight?
2. The school system’s physical education.
3. Is participation in the NCAA negatively influencing academic performance?
4. What is the biggest unbreakable record in sports?
5. Does Michael Jordan still remain the best basketballer?

Argumentative essay topics for middle school:

1. What is the exact relationship between weight, food, and fitness?
2. What are the diet’s negative effects?
3. Society must fight with the anorexia illness
4. In order to regulate health problems, people must consider their time of sleeping more hours
5. Does golf still remain in demand?
6. Steroid takers should be limited from the team sports activities.
7. Is swimming the most appropriate type of sport?
8. Hockey and some other dangerous sports activities.

Argumentative essay topics for college:

1. Sales and production of tobacco should be made illegal things
2. The death sentence must become activated in each of the world countries.
3. Smoking in public places is to be made illegal.
4. The alcohol usage must be under control.
5. People must not sell alcohol drinks after midnight.
6. Energetic drinks must be prohibited and named illegal
7. Must the proceedings in the court be recorded and documented for TV?
8. The most proper age to get the right to vote.
9. When can the citizens begin to drink and smoke (the specific age)?
10. On the whole, can you find justice everywhere in the world?

Classical argument topics:

1. It should be banned to utilize species of the animals for investigation purposes and some cruel experiments
2. Must rainforests destructions undergo punishment?
3. How are electric cars remain a way out of global pollution?
4. Reasons for and against globalization.
5. Was Roosevelt right concerning building the Panama Canal?
6. Are you on King-Kong’s or militaries’ side who interrupted the world in order to study it utilizing violent measures?
7. The risks the USA might face in terms of the rapidly modifying climate conditions.
8. Earthquakes and the repercussions of them.
9. Tsunami or the death wave: What are the reasons for it?.
10. Beautiful woods of Amazonia.
11. Which species must be included and described in the Red Book?
12. How are students possible to contribute to social action for the safety of nature?

Controversial argumentative essay topics:

1. The Third World War must be prevented by the USA and Russian Governments
2. Current public school’s policies should be modified.
3. Is gun control an efficient method to control the rise of crime?
4. The government must ban gay marriages
5. The society is getting regulated too much
6. The countries that have the biggest numbers of corruption.
7. Are any of the political authorities involved in the illegal things in the USA?
8. Most people with physical disabilities be treated fairly and equally by the government?
9. To be a solid politician: How is it possible?
10. Can anyone be bigger than the law?
11. Advantages and disadvantages of Monarchy.
12. Is the CIS a more appropriate alternative for the USSR?

Argumentative essay on technology:

1. Violent video games must be banned
2. Is technology making people feel alone?
3. YouTube owners must fix and check comments which involve dirty language
4. Are people getting to be more and more like technological zombies?
5. Will humanity reach such a time when there won’t be any technological progress?
6. Influences of mobile phones: advantages and disadvantages
7. Education and technology

Argumentative essay on social media:

1. Does technology limit creativity?
2. The role of communications in social networks for contemporary education.
3. Do modern people rely too much on technology?
4. Are online friends more efficient than imaginary?
5. Is the censorship of the Internet important?

6th-grade argumentative essay topics:

1. Medical help and first aid, in overall, must become free of charge.
2. People are kind on the inside
3. People should spend the least time on the official work with no effect upon their income
4. Social movements should be supplied by the governments
5. The parents do not have the right of controlling their children’s lives who above 16 years old.
6. The cloning should be prohibited.
7. Global warming and its repercussions
8. Should abortions be legal?
9. Cross-cultural marriages affect racial tolerance
10. Is it okay to date a female who is much younger?
11. What is incest?
12. What must be the partners’ role in the family and relationship?
13. Is it safe to date online?
14. Will people begin to marry their computers soon?

Funny argument topics:

1. Would Batman be legalized in the real world?
2. 2D vs. 3D vs. 4D: What’s will be next?
3. Is the chip possible to control the human mind as it does in the superhero movies?
4. Can Griffins Family be compared to the typical family in the USA?
5. Graffiti is an illegal art. How may it be punished?

Art, Music & Movie Ideas for Papers:

1. Is art necessary today?
2. Can cinematography and music be called art as well?
3. Is the gothic art the most magnificent and preferred in the history of mankind?
4. Is it possible for you to succeed in life by working in the art field?
5. Are nowadays music tracks meaningful or educational at all?
6. Is contemporary lyrics too explicit for the young audience?
7. There isn’t any plot in the vast majority of the up-to-date films.
8. How long must the motion picture last?

Tips for great topic ideas

If you want to engage your reader in reading your paper seriously, use these tips:
1. Choose the topic which is the number 1 object of discussion today in your group. Mind the current rumors.
2. Choose such a question that is difficult to find the answer to.
3. Select the audience which will definitely disagree with your point of view.
4. Choose an issue that everyone has a certain opinion about.
5. Select the problem which is grounded on your own interests.
Here is one of the most efficient tips to take into consideration:
• Don’t choose any of the obvious argumentative paper topics.
• Move on with the topics which don’t arise any arguments. Don’t select topics which state scientific facts that were proved by centuries.
• The main focus of the debatable paper is a critical problem, leading to global conflicts.
• Whatever political problem you choose will be okay. Also, you might write your university, college, and school policies which make students annoyed and argue with their principals and teachers.
• Don’t choose topics people tend to always agree with.
• Choose the argumentative paper topics that are related to race, gender, religion, and other sensitive things in human’s lives.
• Write a paper, following APA style guidelines.
Note that you would better try to find the arguments to support the opposite side. There are always 2 sides of the coin and the world is not black and white. When you do it, your paper will be graded with high scores.
To impress your teacher and audience, select the most exciting topics for your argumentative paper. Writing a paper might be compared to a competition where the best author gets the reward. If you doubt whether you are able to generate an effective argumentative essay, you can always use writing service to help you get the highest grade.
Use these things when you are generating the structure
• Make deep research.
• Collect the data.
• Use the most up-to-date and credible sources.
• Compose a draft.
• Generate compare and contrast paper yourself.
• Proofread and edit.
• Revise the essay.


It is rather easy to write the argumentative essay: just choose the topic, draft, write and make a revision. If your paper is highly graded, you may keep it when you will be applying for a job.
If you are not in the mood of composing an argumentative essay, you can always consult and get the help of our team of experts who will generate an awesome paper for you. Contact us now and get superb writing assistance immediately!

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