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AP Literature Essay Prompts: The Full Guide

AP Literature Essay Prompts

AP, or Advanced Placement essay, is one of the most common modern ways to test the English proficiency of a student. Mastering the art of AP English essay prompts will help you acquire writing skills that you will later use in many other instances in your life, including a successful personal statement, which actually has a lot in common with an AP essay. If you don’t feel like writing an AP literature essay or don’t know if your writing skills are enough for the task, you can order an excellent essay from our reputable writing service.

How to Write AP English Essay Prompts

AP English is a very complex college course that consists of numerous aspects that will all be tested during the exam. In order to succeed in AP English, you need to display competence in reading, writing, comprehension, and creativity. The two especially important components of the AP English course are literature analysis and rhetoric – you will need those subjects not only to succeed in this particular course, but also later in life. Another aspect you will need to master is a synthesis essay, which is the foundation of many AP exams and requires you to form a narrative using one or many scientific sources.

AP English Language Essay Prompts & Grading

AP English essays can be rather hard to grade, since in many ways the grading is subjective. To make the job easier for the teachers and to help students know what to expect from their essay grades, scholars have designed a grading system. Depending on how well you succeed in writing your essay, you can get a low-scoring, or failing essay, a mid-range essay, and a high-scoring essay. In case your essay is a definite success, you will score 8-9 points and your grading explanation will look like this:

  • Efficiently proven point of view
  • Outstanding essay exam content
  • The idea behind the essay is meaningful and convincing
  • Student displayed complete comprehension of AP essay prompts
  • The evidence provided for each statement is very specific
  • The content of the essay is coherent and concise
  • The essay is free of spelling, grammar mistakes or wrong formatting

AP English Essay 1st Part Questions Examples

The first part of the exam is known as the Language & Composition part. Here you will be expected to write three essays, with two of the essays dealing with a piece of literature you are presented with at the time of the exam and one essay connected to the piece of writing you had a chance to familiarize yourself before the exam. For example, here are the three topics you can potentially face during the exam:

  • Up to 20 questions on Victorian literature
  • Up to 20 questions on modern literature
  • Up to 10 questions on the Elizabethan era in literature

Your text should be formal enough to fit the exam setting, but many teachers agree that a bit of humor never hurts and your essays can actually get an advantage thanks to your ability to provide a humorous relief in the middle of a very serious text.

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How to master the literature part of the exam

Once you’ve completed the first part, you will face an equally important challenge – the literature section. This section is essential for the success of your work, but you don’t need to put yourself under immense stress. You should rather devote your time to preparing for this part of the exam in three easy steps:

  1. Train your reading and comprehension skills by studying as many literary pieces as you can. Try choosing works from different styles and eras, so that you are prepared for anything that can happen in the exam.
  2. If you’re having trouble comprehending the prompt, it is advised to read the prompt slowly and carefully several times before you completely understand what you are asked to do. Look for specific keywords and phrases that you find familiar and base your thinking on them.
  3. Before writing your piece, create an annotation using the information you took from the prompt. Write down short phrases that express your thoughts, and when you move on to creating the first complete draft, simply expand on those thoughts.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to prepare yourself for the AP English essay exam, but nothing you can do on your own or with your classmates will be as effective as getting professional help from an online writing service. Our authors have extensive experience with this type of assignments, which means your order will be in good hands!


AP Literature Essay Prompts - Full Guide
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AP Literature Essay Prompts - Full Guide
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