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Ideas to Write a Gorgeous American Dream Essay

Ideas to Write a Gorgeous American Dream Essay

There must be something particular in the American Dream that makes it so unique, different from, let`s say, European dream or Chinese dream. Is it about the country or about the meaning of the dream that sets it apart in millions of heads and hearts? Or is this dream about you, about each of us? About our particular expectations and ideas of what it is like to achieve or fulfill it?

Such or similar questions usually go side by side when a teacher gives a prompt to write the American dream paper. This is one of the typical assignments in English and literature classes, especially when The Great Gatsby American dream is explored. To sweeten this dreary task for you, we will point that this is one of the easiest types of paper you can write (or ask us to write for you).

This paper lets you explore your own vision of success, to put it on paper and to look at it as if it was someone else’s plan.  Maybe while writing, you will find out that to achieve the success you need to do something differently, or that the American dream is not how you see your definition of success (or happiness). Anyway, thinking this topic over and shaping your own ideas are well worth the time spent on it. We are here to lend you a helping hand along the way.

American Dream Definition

There are many definitions of what the American promise is and what it is not. Some argue that the American Dream is dead or is a hoax, others say that it is this dream that made a country look like a paradise on earth to other nations. Anyhow, there is a common understanding of the concept of the American Dream. It is an opportunity to build a good life (prosperous and safe) for everyone, not just for people from some limited class and social group. This dream can be boiled down to ‘rags to riches’ description, but it is about a bigger thing. It is about social lifts, work, and education that can pave the way for success.  Also, it is not necessary to follow the path of your parents. Study, improve, get skills and earn your way to more profitable and pleasurable or interesting occupations.

This is why America attracted immigrants in such high numbers, and why it became a synonym of the dreams come true place. Indeed, many people came to America without a penny or cent in their pockets and managed to achieve success and prosperity just through their talents and entrepreneurship. But from a closer viewpoint, the American Dream does not hold water in relation to ideals of freedom equality attached to it.

History of the American Dream

The record of the concept of the American Dream begins with James Adams and his book ‘Epic of America’. There he hails opportunity for everyone (men and women) according to their talents and skills, and not according to their social standing or wealth of parents. So basically this dream is about respect for everyone, respect for rights and capabilities.  Only then comes money and social popularity.

Let’s remember that the book was published in 1931, well after World War I, the Roaring Twenties and on the tail of the Great Depression. So Adams expressed wish rather than the actual state of affairs, and it took several more decades to attain this dream at least partially. The 1920s were the times of fast wealth making but American society still holds contempt for ‘new money’. The Depression exposed the grim reality for millions of people behind the inspiring picture.

This brief dive into history already offers a couple of fresh American dream essay topics. Consider the following:

  • Success opportunity traditionally held by men only vs. opportunities given to women in 1919 and further;
  • Gatsby American dream essay as a verdict to the society that judged people by their origin, but by their current success;

The Concept of American Dream Essay

We covered a definition of the dream and some points in its history, but how to build the core of the essay and write it? You need to come up with an idea you want to discuss and shape it as a thesis. How to hatch an idea of the American dream and put it to paper (or screen):

  • Think and write down how you see this dream (your definition);
  • Discuss if you believe it is really possible to achieve everything in America without any obstacles;
  • Think if this dream changed over time and how;
  • Think if today everyone has the same footing and chances to achieve it (women, minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities);
  • Think if money is a measure of happiness or success (what kind of money);
  • If education today really lets you achieve success;
  • freedom equality and opportunity traditionally as parts of the American dream;
  • history of your family (anyone who embodies this dream).

These are but few ideas, you are free to create your own. Just start with formulating your clear view of this dream and then apply it to the issue that worries you today most (costs of education, healthcare, and what’s not). Then you will see how on their edge your thesis is naturally born. You will find a hook for American dream essay.

Helpful Tips to Write American Dream Essay

  • do research first;
  • but mostly write what you think and believe;
  • create an American dream essay outline plus a thesis (no intro or conclusion yet);
  • write a draft;
  • write an intro and your American dream essay conclusion;
  • better write less but thoroughly explain your ideas, they are the core value of your paper;
  • proofread carefully, and ask someone to read your paper.

American Dream Essay Sample

The American Dream is as illusionary and at the same time real thing as the green light that Gatsby watched night by night from his luxury home. Millions of people will call it a hoax and millions of others will say that they have fulfilled it.

It is because despite some common grounds everyone sees it differently. It can be explained by the duality of the American Dream that makes it so distant and so close at the same time. This duality is explained by human nature as such and by unique conditions that America provides to everyone.

American dream has two parts – universal and specifically American. All people dream of a good life, prosperity, safety, families, good medicine, schools, streets and parks, houses, and parties. It is a universal human need to be safe, fed and under a roof. But it is America as a democratic country that promised all these goods to everyone, not just to those who got money through inheritance or shady connections. In America everyone could earn money and everything they can buy by the toil of their own hands, and in addition, America is a place of freedom equality and opportunity, so what cannot be earned, can be obtained through getting American citizenship.

In Europe, wealth and self-fulfillment were long available to middle and upper classes only, which could not but frustrate numerous working class. Even among wealthy people, there was competition in nobility and size of wealth. America, built on the premise of ‘melting pot’ and never seen before democracy, promised a completely different set of opportunities. Money, success, and recognition are a universal part of the dream, and they were attainable anywhere, but under certain conditions (class and wealth of parents). The American part of the dream promised money and recognition to everyone based on their work and talent because America basically did not have aristocracy as a class. Later, as money would accumulate in families a new class of money owning families will shape, but still the array of opportunities was significantly greater than anywhere else.

Human nature always makes us ask for more and get envious of others, it is true, and sometimes this envy is what makes us think that the American Dream is gone. But nevertheless, America is a unique land, and even if conditions are bad or rigged, it can always be fixed. There are opportunities even for that here.

This is why the American Dream lives on, and will live as long as the last American will live. Besides, today the whole world tries to live by the same rules, so it is not just an American dream, but the global dream of equality and the same opportunities at its best.

American Dream Essay Writing Ideas
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