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10 Years From Now Essay Example


We all have targets that we want to reach. Some of them are long term while the others are short term. Targets make our lives engaging and exciting. They motivate us to wake up every morning. Our life will be meaningless without them, with no sense of direction, and with no target.

Moreover, prisoners have targets too. Some of them study hard and enroll in courses until they get a certain degree. I have my own list of targets that I may break down into three categories: spiritual, social, and economical. I created a ten-year plan, and I work every day to ensure my targets will be achieved. 

Target 1. Dream Job.

At the very moment, I am finding jobs that do not interest me. With a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology, it is challenging to secure a proper job since many experts exist in this niche. Now, I should do, at least, something to pay my bills and make both ends meet. I am looking for an opportunity to be enrolled for an MBA to be more competitive and stand out. 

With a Master’s degree, my chances to get a secure job will boost. As soon as I go through with my MBA in the next three years, I plan to take on a Psychology course to widen my horizons. I know that it is not appropriate to keep all your eggs in one basket, so I will be ready to face the challenges. 

I have always wanted to be a professional writer. I dreamed of writing my book one day and write a book every three months.  I would also like to work in my home and go out only when I need to buy something to eat, dress, etc. since I am an introvert. Silence is my best friend. In other words, therefore, I would like to work at home remotely.

The work environment must be accommodative of each person’s abilities and talents. I prefer to work with no prejudices, so my ideal work office should be my home. So my boss will judge me only according to the results of my work, not by anything else.

Target 2. Start a Business.

Even though I desire to get a dream job and do everything to reach this target, I do not want to continue to work for the rest of my life. In other words, I do not wish to spend my best years building someone else’s dream. I would like to create my dream instead. I have always been willing to start my own business in the field of dancing. I want to choose this industry because I have spent more than ten years learning how to dance, and I would like to share my knowledge with others. Moreover, I want to teach and love kids, so I think I will be successful. Ideally, I would like to start a dance school and give workshops from time to time. I would like to be a boss to myself. I want to employ creative and inspiring people to motivate my students to progress. I want to develop the dance culture in my native city and country for all people to be well-educated in dancing. What is more, I would like to have financial freedom. 

Dancing business requires not so many investments. Therefore, I can start it as soon as possible even with little money in my bank account. Firstly, I should impress my first students and motivate them to invite their friends to dance classes. It might seem complicated, but I can do it because I am good at communicating with people and inspiring. 

Target 3. Have a Family.

Does it make sense if I pursue all the targets but have no one to share my happiness with? Family is one of the essential targets for me. I pray for my future husband and am willing to start a family in the next three years. I also believe that within this time, I will give birth to a baby. My target is to have a big family of three children. I hope I will have a fun and loving family. My dream is to have a kind of quiet family with no quarrels and arguments. Of course, it is impossible not to fight, but I hope to minimize my family conflicts. 

I would also like to spend my weekends with my family. For instance, we might go out with my husband, visit cinemas, travel, and so on. I would love my kids to enjoy spending time with their daddy and me. I think my children would inherit my talent for singing to go to music school to develop this talent. 

I want my children to be open and sincere with me. If they have individual dreams, they will go to me and my husband first to tell them. I promise I will do everything to help my children achieve their targets and follow their dreams and passion. What is more, I would like to be on their side if any troubles or challenges come to their lives. I would like to bring up the complete and strong personalities.    

Target 4. Buy My Five-Room Apartment.

As long as I want to have a big family, I would like to have a big flat. It must consist of three rooms for children, one room for me and my husband, and one guest room. I do not want to have a house but would like to live in a high-rise block of flats. I would like to live on the 3-5 floor, not higher and not lower. I would also prefer my block of flats to be near the road and metro station. Of course, I would want to have a flat with a big kitchen. Since I do not like cooking very much, I would like my flat to be situated near the pizza or sushi restaurant because I like pizza and sushi very much. 

Target 5. Travel to My Dream Vacation.

As long as I managed to travel to the USA’s west coast when I was young, I would like to visit the Western part of America. Ideally, I would like to see a few national parks there, go to LA, visit Grand Canyon, and swim in the pacific ocean. Since I am a believer, I would like to travel to a Salvation Mountain in California and take some beautiful photos. I would like to visit a few churches in San Diego, San Fransisco, and Sacramento. If possible, I would also like to get to Alaska and view its beautiful nature and go fishing. 

Target 6. Serve to God and People.

What do I mean by that? I mean that I would like to help other people. It might be people who live on the fringes of society or young moms who cannot afford to feed their babies, people with disabilities, and so on. I would like to donate at least 5% of my income to charity and donations.

I like to donate even now, so I do not wait for the bright future to come when I can donate. However, later on, I would like to donate more to various charity foundations and just give money to people in need. I know that many charity foundations directors take a considerable part in donations for themselves and their employees’ salaries. Therefore, I would like to find needy people by myself and give them money directly. 

By serving God, I would like to teach the Bible to children in a Sunday school. As long as I studied in Bible school, I know the Bible very well, so I will teach the church children the basics of Christianity. I also want to sing in a worship group because I think I have quite a good voice and can sing. 

Target 7. Live a Healthier Lifestyle.

I like eating hamburgers a lot. I like fast food as well. Unfortunately, I have not visited a gym for a long time, but I hate the gym and fitness, to be honest. I like swimming a lot, but currently, I cannot afford to visit a swimming pool often because it is too expensive. I hope that my income will be more stable later on, and I will be able to check in the swimming pool and visit it at least three times per week.  

I also like to walk in the forest that is near my flat. I enjoy breathing the freshest air ever. I want to sit and think near the lake near my block of flats where I live now. I like to take a notebook and pen and write my dreams and ideas when I am there. It inspires me a lot and gives me peace of mind. I should say that I like to be there alone to hear my inner voice better and record my ideas as they pop up.   

To sum up, my brightest dream and target at the same time is to be happy. I would also like to make others happy as much as I can. Therefore, I will keep on dreaming and believing that my targets will be reached. I do understand that the success of my targets depends on me directly and my actions.

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